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Summary of: Inside Out
By: Demi Moore


In the compelling book ‘Inside Out’ by Demi Moore, readers are taken on a journey through the life of the actress, with many twists and turns that shaped her into the person she is today. From her tumultuous childhood and early struggles with illness, to her pursuit of self-discovery through acting, Demi’s story is an inspiring testament to resilience and personal growth. As you read the summary, you’ll be introduced to the key moments in Demi’s life, including her relationships, her experiences with Hollywood’s double standards, and her journey towards authenticity and vulnerability.

Demi Moore’s Turbulent Childhood

Demi Moore’s childhood was far from stable. Her family of four continuously moved from one town to another, seeking a better life. Her father was an unfaithful advertising salesman who frequently had affairs, causing her mother to insist on moving houses often. When Demi was five, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, which recurred throughout her early life, resulting in frequent hospitalizations and missed schooling. At the age of eleven, she heroically saved her mother’s life during a suicide attempt, which taught her that she couldn’t depend on her parents. Her early life was a blur of new beginnings and sudden endings, with no promise of a settled family life.

Demi’s Traumatic Ordeal

Demi Moore’s parents’ marital problems led to her mother allowing her an irresponsible degree of freedom. When she was fifteen, an older man invited her and her mother to his restaurant and began giving her frequent rides home from school. He eventually raped her, and implied that her mother set the encounter up for $500. This traumatic experience made Demi feel like an orphan.

Demi Moore’s Inspiration

While living in an apartment complex in California, a young Demi Moore encounters the German actress Nastassja Kinski. The two women become friends, and Demi is captivated by Nastassja’s self-assurance and grace. Demi helps Nastassja with her scripts, and through their interactions, Demi gains the confidence and focus she needs to become an actor. Both women share a deep connection due to their troubled relationships with their mothers. As Nastassja achieves fame and leaves the apartment complex, Demi is inspired to pursue acting to become more like her friend.

Demi’s Journey To Self-Discovery

Demi’s journey to self-discovery was fuelled by her first love, her need for freedom, and the quest for success. From her teenage years, Demi fell for Freddy, the lead singer of a New Wave band. Despite their age difference, they fell in love and moved in together while she accompanied the band on tour. Eventually, her father’s death and Freddy’s stoicism created a rift in their relationship, leading to their marriage’s eventual collapse. Demi’s acting career took off with General Hospital and a central role in Blame It On Rio, which required her to move to Brazil and experience true freedom. The newfound freedom led Demi to separate from Freddy as she embarked on a journey towards self-discovery.

Demi Moore’s Life Before Stardom

The journey of the famous American actress Demi Moore wasn’t always smooth sailing. After coming back from Brazil and ending her marriage with Freddy, she fell into a deep sense of loneliness. Her career was moving forward, but her inclination towards alcohol started to jeopardize her goals. She found herself waking up in unfamiliar places, which became a usual course of events. This habit even led her to ride a Kawasaki motorcycle around town without wearing a helmet, and often her appointments and rehearsals would slip by unnoticed. However, during this period, she landed the role of Jules in the classic film, “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Upon the director’s notice of her addiction, she was sent to a rehab center in Redondo Beach with a counsellor to help her. Although it was quite embarrassing for her at first, she later came to see it as an opportunity to redirect her path. Through this account of her life, it’s clear to see Demi Moore’s life’s struggles before she became the famous actress.

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