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Summary of: Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
By: Elton John


Step into the remarkable life of music icon Elton John with this book summary of ‘Me: Elton John Official Autobiography’. Learn about Elton’s tumultuous upbringing with unloving parents and how his talent for music emerged at a young age. Gain insights into his journey to fame, his long-lasting partnership with lyricist Bernie Taupin, and the struggles he faced with addiction and self-acceptance. By delving into this summary, you’ll witness the rise of a living legend, the hardships he overcame, and the diverse experiences he encountered throughout his career, from the heights of success to the depths of personal pain.

Elton John’s Parents: A Traumatic Childhood

Elton John’s childhood was filled with fear and punishment from his parents. Stanley and Sheila John’s dysfunctional relationship resulted in a troubled upbringing for Elton. His father’s critical attitude and his mother’s violent behavior left lasting impacts on him, even as he became a successful musician. Despite his attempts to maintain a relationship with his mother, her controlling and volatile behavior towards his household staff and her objection to his marriage to David Furnish demonstrate her overall resentment towards him. Ultimately, Elton John was unable to purchase his parents’ approval, highlighting the negative effects of a dysfunctional family dynamic on children.

Elton’s Musical Journey

Elton’s passion for music started at a young age, having the ability to pick out a song’s melody on the piano by the time he was three years old. He loved pop music and was inspired by Elvis Presley, which ignited his passion for rock and roll. However, his father disapproved of this new music genre, causing Elton to become rebellious and reluctant to attend his classical piano classes.

Elton John’s Path to Success

Elton John’s journey to fame was a long and tumultuous one. Despite starting out in small pubs and playing terrible covers, Elton’s experiences made him a brave and captivating performer, which eventually led to his big break at the Troubadour nightclub in Los Angeles.

Elton John’s success story is a classic tale of hard work and perseverance. While many viewed him as an overnight sensation following his 1970 debut album release, the reality was far from that. Elton had been working towards his big break for years and had experienced a plethora of setbacks and disappointments along the way.

Starting at the young age of 15, Elton played at a local pub where he entertained customers with old English drinking songs on the piano. Despite the difficulty of performing amidst violence and chaos, these early experiences made him a brave performer. Later, he joined a band called Bluesology and toured up and down the UK, but the band failed to make a real impact in the music industry.

To make ends meet, Elton took on work as a session musician, recording terrible covers of current pop songs. These experiences honed his abilities as a performer and prepared him for his eventual breakout performance at the Troubadour nightclub in Los Angeles. With rock and roll legends such as The Beach Boys and Neil Diamond in the audience, Elton’s performance wowed the crowd and the rest of the world took notice. The LA Times even declared that rock music had a new star.

In conclusion, Elton John’s path to success was a long and winding one, full of setbacks and challenges. However, those experiences ultimately shaped him into the captivating performer that he is today.

Elton John’s Chance Encounter

Elton John’s failure to pass a music audition led to a serendipitous meeting with Bernie Taupin, who would become his lifelong lyricist. Taupin’s lyrics intrigued Elton because of their emotional depth and became the catalyst of their partnership in writing successful hit songs. Despite humble beginnings and failed attempts in getting noticed by record labels, the duo’s “Your Song” eventually got them the recognition and a Grammy nomination.

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