This is Going to Hurt | Adam Kay

Summary of: This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor
By: Adam Kay


Dive into a gripping tale of a junior doctor’s journey through the challenges of the medical profession in Adam Kay’s ‘This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor’. From the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps as a doctor, to navigating the treacherous and often heart-wrenching experiences in the medical field, Adam Kay’s honest account takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Expect to discover the horrors and inefficiencies within the NHS, unconventional medical emergencies, quirky patient stories, and the inevitable impact of the demanding profession on personal lives.

Adam Kay’s Journey in Medicine

Adam Kay, a former NHS doctor, shares his experience of working as a house officer in a hospital. His career path started after six years of studying at Imperial College London, where he soon realized that memorization was not enough to prepare him for the demanding job. As a house officer, Adam worked over 90 hours a week and was responsible for taking care of patients in every ward of the hospital, receiving emergency bleeps round-the-clock. Despite the challenges and pressures, he was successful in saving lives and bringing patients back from the brink of death, making his journey in medicine a fulfilling one.

Adam Kay’s story in “This Is Going To Hurt” is an eye-opener to the realities of the medical industry. From the start of his academic career, Adam had always known that he wanted to become a doctor, following his father’s footsteps. However, as he began work as a house officer, he quickly discovered that the road to being a successful NHS doctor was not an easy one. It required him to make significant sacrifices and work under immense pressure, with little room for error. The author’s experience of working 90 hours a week was a testament to the harsh realities of the medical industry and the need for reform.

Adam’s account of being a house officer set the tone for the rest of his journey in medicine. During his tenure, he witnessed the highs and lows of working in a hospital, from dealing with patients struggling with addiction to those with life-threatening conditions. His story highlights the importance of doctors in today’s society and the dedication required to heal others. As a doctor, Adam was always on call, always on his toes, ready to save lives and alleviate the pain of his patients.

In conclusion, Adam Kay’s journey in medicine is a testament to the grit and determination required to excel in the medical industry. It shows the harsh realities of being a doctor and the need for continuous support and reform. His experience as a house officer set the tone for the rest of his career and illustrates the incredible amount of work and sacrifice required to become a successful NHS doctor.

Adventures of a Young Doctor

A young doctor shares his experiences in dealing with unusual medical cases, including degloving and foreign objects in patients’ rectums. He eventually decides to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology due to his interest in helping deliver babies and the straightforward nature of the work.

Adam’s journey as a young doctor is filled with unexpected cases that challenge his medical expertise. In one instance, he encounters a patient who had degloved his own penis while trying to slide down a lamp post. Another trend he notices is the high number of patients who come in with objects stuck in their rectums. In his first year alone, he removes four foreign objects, including a remote control with a condom on it.

Despite the challenges he faces, Adam is determined to make a difference in the medical field. He decides to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology after reflecting on his thesis in medical school and his desire to help deliver babies. This field is also appealing because the work mainly involves caesareans, forceps, ventouses, and sewing up tears.

Through Adam’s experiences, readers gain insight into the complex and unusual cases that doctors face daily. While some cases are more lighthearted than others, they all require a high level of medical knowledge and expertise.

Adam’s Journey to Becoming a Consultant

Adam, a junior doctor in the NHS, faces constant work demands that make it difficult to sustain relationships or plan events. His first few months as an SHO involve successful procedures and bizarre patient stories. However, becoming a consultant and receiving a higher salary and less strenuous schedule is still a few years away.

Crazy Tales from the Labor Ward

In “Crazy Tales from the Labor Ward,” the author shares surprising, funny, and sometimes unsettling stories from his years as a registrar, including encounters with patients who refused necessary treatment due to conspiracy theories and those who had unusual items stuck in awkward places. He also recounts incidents with colleagues that left him bewildered, such as a student passing out during a surgery due to a hangover. Despite the craziness, the author maintained a professional demeanor while in charge of the ward, demonstrating how the unpredictability of the job kept him on his toes.

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