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Summary of: Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life
By: Donald J. Trump


Step into the world of Donald J. Trump, a billionaire tycoon known for his relentless drive and penchant for deal-making. In this summary of ‘Trump: Think Like a Billionaire’, we explore what it takes to achieve success in life, business, and real estate. Uncover Trump’s keys to victory, including thinking big, maximizing options, and using leverage to your advantage. Discover the valuable lessons Trump learned from his father, Fred Trump, and how a strong entrepreneurial spirit and relentless determination led to numerous successful ventures throughout his career. This enlightening read will inspire you to think outside the box and strive for greatness in all aspects of your life.

Trump’s Blueprint for Success

Learn the fundamental principles of being a master deal maker from the ultimate dealmaker – Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon, media personality, and former US President, is known for his success in making deals. In his book “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” he reveals his blueprint for success and offers valuable insights on how to think and act like a deal maker.

To succeed in business, Trump believes you must think big and focus all your mental energy on your business pursuits. He advises that when you put a deal together, always have a fallback position in case things don’t go as planned. Never leave yourself exposed, and always be in the strongest bargaining position possible.

Another essential principle is to know your market and understand your audience. Trump famously trusts his gut instincts and rarely consults with consultants or number crunchers. He believes that getting a good feeling and following your instincts is critical to success.

Trump advises not getting too attached to one deal or idea. It is crucial to stay open to other alternatives that may be better. “Maximize your options,” he says, and keep multiple balls in the air to increase your chances of success.

To get the best deals, it’s necessary to use your leverage, never appear desperate to make a deal, and bargain from strength. Additionally, Trump knows that getting the word can set you apart. Doing things a little bolder than usual can attract attention, and negative publicity is still publicity.

When others try to take advantage, don’t let them. Trump advises people to fight back hard when they feel like someone is taking advantage of them. Believe in what you do, fight for it, and things will likely work out.

Above all, to be taken seriously, you must deliver the goods. Trump advocates for promoting yourself and your project, but you eventually need to deliver on your promise to be successful.

Finally, Trump emphasizes cost containment. Spending must be done when necessary, but always ensure you don’t spend more than you should. Every penny counts.

In conclusion, Whether you are a seasoned businessman looking to hone your skills or a budding entrepreneur looking to succeed, this book provides excellent insights and strategies. Follow Trump’s blueprint for success, and you, too, can be a master of the deal.

Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal Maker

Donald Trump inherited the drive and ethos of the American Dream from his father, Fred Trump. As a seasoned builder of rent-controlled and rent-stabilized housing projects in Brooklyn and Queens, Fred made his son a keen observer of successful deal-making. Under his tutelage, Donald learned to start small, perfect the basics, aim high, and then grind until he achieves his goals. Donald’s first deal, the Swifton Village complex in Cincinnati, was purchased with his father and fixed up to attract better tenants. He then sold the project at a substantial profit after he realized that the neighborhood was declining. Donald’s shrewd deal-making strategy was to own the slot machine rather than playing it and to create his terms for investing by being precise in his contracts, which paid off handsomely in his first deal.

Trump’s Big Deals

Donald Trump’s rise to real estate mogul began with his purchase of the Penn Central Railroad’s abandoned rail yards in the West Sixties and West Thirties in 1973. Despite having no development experience, he convinced the railroad to give him an exclusive option to buy both yards, contingent upon zoning and bankruptcy court approval. Trump then used his characteristic lobbying and promotion tactics to convince the city to buy his property for the new convention center. This was an important first victory for him. His next major deal was the purchase of the Commodore Hotel property, which he had to juggle to minimize risk. He convinced Hyatt’s Jay Pritzker to become his partner and used his lobbying skills to secure an unprecedented tax break from the city. Trump’s business philosophy centers around thinking big and being flexible, strategies that he used to achieve success in his early deals.

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