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Summary of: Unstoppable: My Life So Far
By: Maria Sharapova


In her touching autobiography ‘Unstoppable: My Life So Far,’ Maria Sharapova recounts her inspiring journey through the world of professional tennis. As you delve into this summary, you will follow her rise from early childhood in Siberia, through an unexpected introduction to tennis in Sochi, to her perseverance and determination eventually leading her to become one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Along the way, you’ll discover the influence of dedicated coaches and family members, the immense sacrifices made to pursue her dreams, and her unwavering focus on her game.

The Making of a Tennis Prodigy

Maria Sharapova’s journey to becoming a tennis superstar began at the age of four when her father introduced her to the sport. Born in Nyagan after her parents fled the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Sharapova moved to Sochi, where she grew up in a lively home filled with friends and family. Despite her many interests, tennis quickly became her passion, and her father took her to lessons with a coach. With her innate ability to concentrate and focus on the game, Sharapova’s talent shone through. However, her parents were protective of her, and she wasn’t allowed out much besides to play tennis. Nonetheless, the budding tennis star continued to practice and compete in tournaments, eventually becoming the iconic player the world knows today.

Sharapova: A Mozart of Tennis

Sharapova’s talent and dedication to tennis were evident from an early age. Her coach, Yuri Yudkin, recognized her potential, describing her as the Mozart of tennis. He urged her family to move to America, where she could nurture her talent and reach her full potential. Sharapova’s father quit his job and devoted himself to coaching her, determined to make her dream come true. World champion Martina Navratilova was impressed by Sharapova’s skills and urged the family to leave Russia for the United States. Although the journey was not without its challenges, Sharapova’s talent and dedication ultimately led her to become one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Sharapova’s Journey to America

When Sharapova was six, her father Yuri wanted to get her onto the national junior team of the Russian Tennis Federation. Yuri managed to get an invitation for Sharapova to practice with the team at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy, in Florida. Though skeptical of her age, the coach invited Sharapova after Yuri wrote a letter detailing her talent and receiving the visas they needed to make the trip. Upon arriving, the coach wasn’t there, and no one believed their story, but Sharapova’s talent was eventually acknowledged. However, the school offered to let them stay a couple of days until the owner returned, and Yuri started to feel doubtful. He and Sharapova headed to the world-renowned Bollettieri Tennis Academy where Sharapova continues her journey.

The Intense Focus of Sharapova’s Early Years

Sharapova’s journey to becoming one of the world’s best tennis players was filled with early challenges. With the help of Bollettieri, she secured funding for practicing for free and eating meals with other players, but her father Yuri struggled with English and raising her while earning money for food and rent. In those early months of training, Sharapova refused to make friends, focusing solely on developing her own tennis persona. Her coach advised other players to avoid eye contact, knowing her fierce and intimidating attitude on the court. Through it all, Sharapova’s intense focus sharpened her skills and concentration, paving the way for her successful career.

Sharapova’s Struggle for Success

Maria Sharapova’s journey to tennis stardom was not an easy one. After being kicked out of Bollettieri’s academy due to wealthy parents who couldn’t handle their children being beaten by a “strange” little Russian girl, Sharapova moved to a rival academy down the road, El Conquistador. However, she soon faced new problems as the owner demanded payment, and Yuri, her father, had to work as a trainer to keep her there. When Yuri got fired, he had to go back to landscaping to pay for the fees, but ended up in the hospital due to his injury. During this time, their landlady kicked them out, and Bangoura gave them an ultimatum to either leave or sign a contract giving him control over Sharapova. While Yuri had enough sense to not sign, they still ended up on the streets. This story shows the grit and determination of Sharapova and her family to overcome obstacles and push through to achieve her goals.

Sharapova’s Childhood: From Homelessness to Tennis Stardom

Yuri and Sharapova faced a crisis of homelessness before Yuri’s friend provided them with a place to stay. Sharapova trained under a demanding coach but was able to improve her tennis skills and climb up the rankings. She lived with the Kane family before moving to the Bollettieri academy for further training and scholarship opportunities.

Sharapova’s Rise with Eisenbud and Lansdorp

Maria Sharapova’s early success caught the attention of the IMG sports agency and Nike who began sponsoring her at the young age of 11. Two people then came into her life – Max Eisenbud and Robert Lansdorp – who would change her life forever. Eisenbud, a young sports agent and trainer from IMG, became a true friend and was there for Sharapova through the good and bad. Lansdorp, a tough coach who had trained greats like Tracy Austin, coached Sharapova until she was 15 years old, pushing her forward with direct advice. Sharapova’s mother also received a visa after nearly nine years of the complicated and arduous visa process.

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