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Summary of: Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living
By: Glennon Doyle


Welcome to the revealing world of ‘Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living’ by Glennon Doyle. This book chronicles Doyle’s life-altering journey when she unexpectedly falls in love with a woman, leading her to challenge societal norms and expectations. While questioning her identity, relationships, religion, and beliefs, Doyle learns that embracing her true, untamed nature is the key to living authentically. This summary will guide you through Doyle’s transformation, exploring themes of self-discovery, overcoming societal limitations, facing personal fears, embracing love, and the impact of living a truthful life.

Love, Betrayal, and a New Chapter

Glennon Doyle, a “mommy blogger” and successful Christian writer, fell in love with Abby Wambach, an American soccer player, while promoting her book about marriage. Despite developing feelings for another woman, she had to continue presenting her book as a perfect model for family healing and to hide an unfulfilled sex life with her husband. Upon meeting Abby, she experienced love at first sight and had a shock of recognition. Despite societal judgment, she continued pursuing her feelings, ended her marriage, and started a new chapter in her life. The book “Love Warrior” was transformed from an idealistic portrayal into a realistic portrait of the challenges of love and betrayal.

Untamed: Doyle’s Journey to Rediscovering her Inner Wildness

Glennon Doyle’s memoir, Untamed, explores her journey of rediscovering her true self. From a young age, societal expectations caused her to repress her inner wildness, leading to depression, anxiety, and bulimia. However, getting pregnant and getting sober led her to become the perfect mother, wife, and Christian society expected her to be. Despite this, she still felt unfulfilled, living life according to other people’s expectations. It wasn’t until she met Abby, her soul mate, that she rediscovered her untamed nature. Doyle’s memoir encourages readers to embrace their inner wildness and live life on their own terms.

Choosing Self-Love

Doyle and Abby’s passionate love story describes how Doyle learned the importance of prioritizing her own needs before her family’s expectations. Separated by distance and prior commitments, the two fell in love in a classic letter-writing fashion, prompting Doyle to re-evaluate her values. She realized that she was using her children as excuses for staying in an unhappy marriage and decided to leave Craig, her husband, to start anew with the woman she loved. The family suffered, but with grace and time, they managed to come together and form a new, blended family. This memoir sheds light on the importance of being honest with oneself and prioritizing one’s happiness, especially in a society that prioritizes conforming to traditional values.

The Power of Authenticity

Glennon Doyle’s decision to reveal her true self to the world, despite the risk it posed to her career, is a testament to the importance of authenticity and integrity. As she prepared for her Love Warrior book tour, Doyle faced a dilemma. Should she keep her newfound love for a woman a secret or be true to herself and her readers? Despite her publishing team’s fears, Doyle chose honesty, coming out on Facebook and sharing her story with her audience. This decision ultimately strengthened her connection with readers and led to greater success for her book. By staying true to her values and maintaining her integrity, Doyle shows the power of authenticity in forging meaningful connections and achieving success on one’s own terms.

Listening to Intuition

To build a new life, Glennon Doyle had to learn to listen to her own intuition. She found her personal guide deep inside herself, which helped her in making choices that aligned with her true self.

Glennon Doyle faced a lot of opposition to her decision of coming out publicly, even from her mother, who believed that her relationship with Abby was a mistake. Doyle knew that she had to develop a way to decide for herself. Eventually, she found her personal guide deep inside her, which she called the Knowing, through listening to her intuition.

Doyle retreated to a closet in her house for ten minutes every day to listen to herself. In the beginning, it was torture, but she persisted. As she sank down into a very quiet, still place in herself, the Knowing guided her whenever she was anxious or uncertain about something.

Armed with the wisdom of her personal guide, Doyle asked herself whether her core beliefs were true for her. She realized that some of her beliefs were outdated, which allowed her to dismiss the irritation whenever it came up. Doyle didn’t need to crowdsource her decisions anymore and found her true self by following her intuition.

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