100 Ways To Motivate Yourself | Steve Chandler

Summary of: 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever
By: Steve Chandler


Are you ready to change your life forever? Dive into the summary of Steve Chandler’s book, ‘100 Ways To Motivate Yourself.’ Discover how your mood, attitude, and reactions impact your perspective of the world. Uncover the secret to deeply motivating energy by aligning your goals and values. Learn to overcome your fears, unlock your creative potential, and focus on your goals by eliminating distractions. This summary will empower you to tackle life’s challenges head-on, effectively harness your emotions, and work towards your goals with newfound enthusiasm. Let’s get ready to change our lives one step at a time.

Achieve Deeply Motivating Energy

Our attitude influences how we perceive the world and the challenges we face. By understanding ourselves better, we can improve our mindset and achieve our goals. Here are six motivators to help energize your approach to life:

To start with, “get on your deathbed.” By imagining yourself on your deathbed, you can figure out what is most important to you, locate the love at the center of your life and its profound motivation. Accepting the finality of death helps you value the time you have left and use it more constructively.

“Learn to play a role.” Don’t be dictated by your past or your circumstances. By taking on a role, you can play with the raw materials of your personality and handle your emotions better.

“Run toward your fear.” Empower yourself by facing your greatest fear, regardless of what it is. Confronting and overcoming your fears is the key to personal growth and deeper self-understanding.

“Let your whole brain play.” Use your imagination to tap into the creative ability of your right brain. Picture the goals you’d like to accomplish, see yourself as the best person you can be, and use your imagination to create a vision for the future. Let yourself loosen up and play.

“Put on your game face.” Consider every challenge you encounter a game, and make it fun. View problems as puzzles to be solved instead of obstacles holding you back. Embrace your obstacles and rise above them.

“Learn visioneering.” Everything worth accomplishing started as a dream. Visualize your goals in detail in your mind’s eye and watch them take shape. Envision yourself doing what you wish you could, and that will be the first step towards turning your dreams into reality. By using these motivators, you can achieve deeply motivating energy and make progress towards your goals with ease.

Reclaiming your Focus

Learn how to boost your motivation and achieve your goals by setting priorities, making lists, and eliminating distractions like mind-numbing TV.

Do you often feel drained or stuck in your personal or professional life? The culprit might be chaos, distractions, and a lack of focus. However, you can regain your energy, motivation, and purpose by adopting simple yet powerful habits. In this book, you’ll discover the magic of setting goals, identifying priorities, and using lists. You’ll also learn how to say no to timewasters such as watching television until your mind is numb. With these practical strategies, you can overcome obstacles, stay on track, and achieve your goals faster than you thought possible.

Focus on Goals, Filter Negativity

The key to success is focusing on your goals and not fearing failure. Reduce distractions, especially watching TV, as it dulls your mind. You must control the information that enters your mind because unfiltered negative news and ads constantly bombard it. Unconsciously absorbing this negative data results in distorted viewpoints and thoughts. Therefore, limit your exposure to such data to take control of your mind. Stay positive, filter negativity consciously, and remember that the news is crafted to shock you. Achieve your goals by staying focused and controlling what you allow into your mind.

Motivation for Achieving Goals

Discover how to prioritize goals, focus on personal priorities, and stay motivated to approach challenges with hope instead of fear.

This book emphasizes the importance of aligning goals with one’s values and priorities. It advises readers to concentrate on tasks that accomplish those goals, disregarding what others think of them. The author emphasizes the role of deep-rooted motivation, honest inquiry, and singular focus in achieving success. By following these guidelines, readers are encouraged to approach challenges with optimism instead of fear, ultimately leading to greater success and satisfaction in life.

The Power of Small Progress

The key to true change is not in setting lofty goals but in finding happiness in incremental progress. This book suggests making steady advances in life by improving one’s daily routine by just 5%.

Engage Your Imagination

To unleash your full potential and motivation, set long-term, specific, and challenging goals that excite your imagination. Without detailed objectives that spark creativity, you lack direction and drive. Go for the most audacious targets, not just vague notions of success, to inspire yourself to take bold action every day. To succeed, you must first imagine, with precise clarity, what you want and why it matters to you.

Building a Stronger Mind and Body

Our physical and intellectual health are interdependent. Building a healthy mind and body requires a holistic approach, where physical fitness and intellectual agility go hand in hand. Optimism is a key motivator to deal with everyday challenges. Our mood affects how we perceive the world, so we must strive to maintain a positive attitude. Incorporating exercises into our routine, such as swimming laps and solving puzzles, is not only beneficial for our body, but also for our brain. We must strive to control our emotions and express ourselves in a creative and non-destructive manner. Lastly, we should treat our challenges as a game and use them as a motivation to improve our performance, rather than let them dictate our behavior or results. With these motivators in mind, we can achieve deeply motivating energy and lead a happier and healthier life.

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