33 Million People in the Room | Juliette Powell

Summary of: 33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking
By: Juliette Powell


Welcome to a fascinating exploration of the power of social networking in ’33 Million People in the Room’ by Juliette Powell. In this book, you will uncover the immense possibilities offered by popular social platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Discover how these networks, dubbed as ‘electronic rolodex and card catalog wrapped into one,’ can benefit you in areas like job search, business opportunities, connecting with people, and supporting start-ups or charities. This summary will not only provide you with an overview of social networks but will also delve into the etiquette and privacy concerns.

The Power of Social Networks

Social networks are web-based platforms that allow people from all over the world to connect with each other. With social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, individuals can engage in public conversations through text, photos, videos, sound, and links. As the world becomes more connected, social networks have become increasingly important. They allow you to stay in touch with old friends, make new ones, network for job and business opportunities, and support your favorite causes. According to the author, “The people who are changing the cultural, business, and scientific landscape are all connected to each other.” By joining a social network, you too can become part of this network of game-changers.

The Power of Social Networks

According to Dave Reed’s law, every new member added to a social network doubles its value. With just 25 people in a network, there can be 33 million potential connections, and that number jumps to a billion with 30 people. This exponential growth presents a multitude of opportunities for businesses that can tap into social networks. Social networks offer limitless connectivity opportunities that extend beyond the obvious targets of communication, production, and distribution. By joining a social network, individuals can create new connections outside their daily world and develop viable relationships with new contacts and their networks. In today’s world, social connections have a significant impact on businesses, and social networks are a perfect fit for commerce, where it is all about relationships. Ultimately, social networks have the power to transform businesses and society, and their influence will only continue to grow.

Social Networks of Today

Discover the characteristics of the most prominent social networks.

Are you curious about social media and what the most popular social networks are? This summary provides a brief overview of the top social networks.

MySpace is a social networking site founded in 2003, boasting about 114 million members with an influx of 230,000 new users daily. The site is predominantly used by young people and music lovers and is considered the “biggest mall, nightclub and 7-Eleven parking lot ever created.” It is particularly useful for trend spotting, making it an effective tool for businesses.

Launched in Harvard University in 2004, Facebook is now open to the public and has over 124 million members with 250,000 new people signing up every day. With a Facebook account, you can constantly update your personal billboard. It is an ideal platform to test ideas, detect trends and market to a large audience. Some of the unique features available on the site include a “wall” that enables friends to comment on each other’s activities and interests using “status updates.” Facebook also allows users to share links, photos, and videos directly on their profile.

LinkedIn is the primary social networking site for entrepreneurs and people in business, with more than 25 million registered users. The site serves as an excellent platform to enlarge your network of business professionals. By creating an online professional profile, you can search for potential business partners, customers, suppliers, or employees. You can also share interesting articles and blog posts on your profile. LinkedIn focuses only on your professional background, not personal matters.

If you are looking for a social networking site that focuses on personal matters, hi5 is an excellent choice. The site has already accrued 70 million members, with more than 350,000 new users added daily. It appeals more to people outside the United States and is accessible in more than two dozen languages. Hi5 is a community-building platform, and it is ideal for creating networks in other countries.

Orkut is a social networking site developed by Google engineering Orkut Büyükkökten in 2004. It has more than 120 million users and features social networking with a hint of humor. The site is popular in India and Brazil, but it attracts people from all over the world. The site offers many features, so it’s worth giving a try.

Bebo is popular with young people in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Poland and has over 40 million users. The site was purchased by AOL in 2008, and it offers robust music, author, and group features.

Twitter is the go-to microblogging site, best for sharing short messages called “tweets” with no more than 140 characters. Over two million users hyperconnect on the site, with some tweeting dozens of times a day. Businesses like Whole Foods Market use Twitter to share information quickly.

In conclusion, social networking sites have become an important aspect of internet use. Each of the sites described above has unique features that attract different types of users, making them valuable tools for people’s social and professional lives.

The Social Networking TV Channel

The internet has a multitude of social networks to choose from, but it is important to understand that they are like TV channels with different programming. The major networks equivalent are Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace while the cable networks equivalents being Orkut, Bebo, Twitter and more. The specialized programming entries at the base of the TV pyramid have equivalent networking sites such as BlackPlanet, CozyCot and LibraryThing. To develop new clients, showcase professionally or conduct informal market research, select the appropriate social network based on your interests and goals. Although you can join multiple social networks, it’s better to start with one and expand your knowledge of social networking from there.

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