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Summary of: 9 Things a Leader Must Do: How to Go to the Next Level–And Take Others With You
By: Henry Cloud


Take a journey through the world of leadership with Dr. Henry Cloud’s book ‘9 Things a Leader Must Do.’ This overview is designed to highlight the significant concepts and strategies discussed in this informative work and help you become a more effective leader, regardless of your current skill level. Explore the nine core behaviors essential for successful leaders, and learn how putting these principles into practice can create a profound impact on your personal and professional life. Discover the importance of overcoming negativity, seeking solutions, embracing humility, and acting with love — all while being guided by a strong moral compass.

Nine Essential Behaviors of Successful Leaders

This book discusses how successful leaders display nine identifiable behaviors in their relationships, work, and personal lives. These behaviors are learned from different sources and can be developed even if they don’t come naturally to a person. Implementing these behaviors can have a significant impact on one’s life and leadership journey, helping them move forward and learn from their mistakes. This book offers insight into the patterns and responses that define great leadership, revealing how anyone can develop them to become a successful leader.

Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

The journey to leadership success involves unearthing the treasures buried deep within your soul, including your dreams, desires, and talents. Fear of failure often prevents people from pursuing their true passions in life, but successful leaders are willing to take calculated risks. To uncover your buried potential, you must pay attention to your inner voice, confront obstacles and fears, analyze your fantasies, and seek community support. Additionally, overcoming negative emotions and avoiding jealousy are essential to unlocking your hidden potential. By following these steps and seeking guidance through prayer, you can unleash the full power of your inner self and achieve your wildest dreams.

Overcoming Negativity

Successful leaders tackle negative aspects of their lives such as physical clutter, harmful relationships, unnecessary worry, and unproductive activities. They deal with negativity head-on by cleaning up their environment and cutting off negative influences. Instead of investing time and energy in unproductive goals or relationships, leaders reflect and redirect their efforts towards achievable results. They prioritize hope and take action to overcome negativity, which enables them to be more productive and successful in their leadership roles.

Leading with a Long-Term View

Leaders who think beyond the immediate consequences of their actions and anticipate their long-term impact are more successful in achieving their goals. To do this, the leader must model their future ideals and envision realistic steps to bring about their desired outcome. By directing daily behavior toward that vision, a positive, successful future is more likely to be reached.

Solutions for Skilled Leaders

Skilled leaders face difficult situations and must seek solutions, even if they aren’t to blame. Many leadership problems stem from people struggling to relate to each other. Leaders need to take action and proactively repair relationships, reflecting on whether they contributed to the issue and apologizing when needed. When dealing with angry or manipulative individuals, leaders must draw their attention to the problem and create boundaries to protect themselves without feeling guilty. Ultimately, leaders must take charge and do what needs to be done to address these issues and move forward.

The Power of Small Steps

Achieving big goals doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, focus on taking incremental steps over time. John Grisham wrote his best-selling novel A Time to Kill while working as an attorney by waking up earlier each day over three years to write. Avoid the desire for immediate results, which can lead to unsustainable schemes like risky business deals or crash diets. Negative self-talk can be a hurdle towards reaching your goals, so stick to creating small changes every day, just like successful leaders do. Remember that “all success is built and sustained just like a building is built, one brick at a time.”

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