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Summary of: a Combo Prospecting: The Powerful One-Two Punch That Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales
By: Tony J. Hughes


Welcome to an insightful journey through ‘Combo Prospecting: The Powerful One-Two Punch That Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales’ by Tony J. Hughes. This captivating summary delves into the strategic combination of digital outreach and phone calls, a powerful duo that helps fill your sales pipeline with valuable opportunities. As you immerse yourself in the key highlights, discover how a combo prospecting approach can help you make strong connections, demonstrate value effectively, and leverage your sales network to achieve business success. Explore the importance of overcoming your fear of rejection and maintaining a consistent effort in your sales initiatives.

The Art of COMBO Prospecting

Sales, like boxing, requires a combination of digital outreach and phone calls to secure appointments and win sales. In his book, “COMBO Prospecting,” Toniann Pitassi emphasizes the importance of putting in an honest day’s work every day and spending at least an hour calling targeted prospects first thing in the morning. Timing is crucial, as calling early increases the chance of reaching important decision-makers before they get busy. Pitassi stresses the significance of the right activity, done the right way, through the right channels, and with the right people to succeed in sales.

The Ultimate Prospecting Combo

The key to successful prospecting is to use a combination of contact methods. This includes making a call, leaving a voicemail, and following up with an email – also known as the triple approach. It’s recommended to do 30 triples a day during morning calling sessions and follow up with a LinkedIn InMail and a text message. The Pareto principle applies to sales prospecting, meaning 20% of the input invested results in 80% of the outcome. For a more elaborate approach, mix and match outreach methods, such as using video email, customized LinkedIn invitations, tweets, or Facebook messages. The secret to successful selling is consistent combo outreach and follow-up. Referrals can also be powerful. Reach out to someone you and your prospect both know and ask for a referral. Use multiple channels to connect with prospects and make a strong impression.

Phone Calls That Work

Learn how to turn your phone into a powerful sales tool to attract prospects by highlighting value and warming up your initial calls.

In today’s digital world, the phone is still an essential sales tool, and cold calling should be put to bed. Instead, focus on making all of your calls warm by first connecting on a human level without mentioning your products or solutions. Scour your networks to find a cordial introduction for a warmer touch.

Value highlights are crucial in arousing prospects’ interest in learning more about your firm and, eventually, your products or services. For example, instead of selling your company, focus on delivering commercial value. Before your calls, ask yourself some questions to define your value presentation, such as, “What business problem can I solve?” and “How can I create value in a conversation?”

Your information should matter to your prospect, and you must offer insights that the prospect appreciates. As the author says, “If you create value, they will come.” Make the phone your priority, learn when to call, and discover how to stand out from the competition by leading with insights that create value in a conversation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – An Essential Tool for Every Salesperson

Learn how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help salespeople identify ideal prospects and develop astute insights into their prospects’ interests and priorities. Once they have identified potential leads, salespeople should use a reputable service to uncover direct dials to cellphones and come up with topics to speak about with prospects. An intelligent, strategic study of LinkedIn can provide salespeople with all the information they need to be relevant and to resonate personally with each prospect. The book argues that many salespeople avoid making calls and possible rejection, but those who use the phone despite their fear of hearing the word “no” can dramatically increase the probability of revenue.

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