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Summary of: Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople
By: Brian Tracy


In the summary of Brian Tracy’s ‘Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople’, we delve into the essential principles and secrets behind becoming a successful salesperson. The book teaches us that success is 80% attitude and only 20% aptitude, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and overcoming fear of rejection. Discover how to see yourself as self-employed, act as a consultant, and build high-quality relationships with clients. Learn strategies to remain persistent, develop integrity, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Through these lessons, you’ll gain insights into setting goals, boosting personal appearance, identifying types of prospects, and mastering closing techniques.

Master Your Attitude

Quality of thinking determines our lives and attitude plays a crucial role in sales success. Low self-esteem can hinder growth and impact sales, but it can be overcome by improving self-image. Adopting a self-employed mindset and viewing oneself as a consultant aligns perspectives with goals. Understanding clients’ needs and presenting solutions rather than making sales is fundamental to succeed in sales.

Selling with the Golden Rule

The key to successful selling is to treat customers the way you want to be treated. By preparing for meetings, offering good advice, and being a positive and likable person, customers will respond positively to you. Your attitude towards yourself and your abilities will influence the way customers perceive you, ultimately improving your performance.

Keys to Success

Taking responsibility, staying positive, aiming for excellence, being persistent, maintaining integrity, showing gratitude, and setting clear goals are the keys to success as a salesperson. Adopting a positive attitude towards challenges allows an individual to tackle problems head-on. One should also develop a commitment to excellence and maintain integrity, which builds self-confidence. Persistence is one of the most important qualities for a salesperson, and having the ability to stay motivated and focused is essential. Showing gratitude and maintaining a positive attitude can help boost morale and improve performance. Having specific, achievable goals can also help salespeople make better use of their time and resources. By following these guidelines, salespeople can enhance their performance and become more successful.

The Key to Professional Selling

Successful professional selling is rooted in creating and fostering strong relationships with customers by building trust and credibility. According to the book, customers take note of every aspect of a salesperson’s appearance and behavior, forming lasting impressions. To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales professionals must prioritize building and maintaining these relationships.

6 Ways to Win People Over

In “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie highlights six ways to become more likeable: don’t criticize or complain, be accepting, give approval, show appreciation, express admiration, and be agreeable. By focusing on your prospect’s needs and desires, you can create a positive sales relationship that will benefit both of you. Listening to your prospect is key, as it shows a genuine interest and builds trust. By implementing these techniques, you’ll become a person that others enjoy being around, and ultimately, gain more success in your career and personal life.

Button-Pushing Persuasion

To be a successful salesperson, you need to push the green buttons of positive emotions in potential customers and avoid the red buttons that trigger negative feelings. By emphasizing the benefits of your product and highlighting the costs of not buying it, you can appeal to both the desire for gain and the fear of loss. Ultimately, your goal is to convince the customer that your product provides the lowest-risk, highest value, and easiest solution.

Dress for Success in Sales

The way you present yourself affects a customer’s decision to buy from you. Conservative dress is essential when selling, especially to high-income customers. Keeping your promises, fulfilling commitments, and investing in relationships help retain customers.

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