Be a Sales Superstar | Brian Tracy

Summary of: Be a Sales Superstar: 21 Great Ways to Sell More, Faster, Easier in Tough Markets
By: Brian Tracy


Embark on a journey towards sales excellence with this summary of ‘Be a Sales Superstar’ by Brian Tracy. Discover the Winning Edge Principle, which states that even slight improvements in vital skills can lead to a significant increase in results. Learn how to identify, strengthen, and leverage your weaknesses to boost your overall sales performance. Delve into the importance of believing in yourself, your company, and your product as the key to transferring enthusiasm to the customers. Finally, uncover practical tips and exercises designed to help you adopt the mindset, habits, and characteristics of the top 10% of salespeople in your field.

The Winning Edge Principle

Salespeople can enhance their careers by improving essential skills even slightly, according to “The Winning Edge Principle”. The book emphasizes that just a few tips can make a difference in sales performance and success. Additionally, a crucial concept highlights that an individual’s weakest skill determines their potential and income, whereas their strengths brought them to their current position. Therefore, identifying and enhancing key sales skills, such as closing deals and overcoming objections, can lead to exponential growth and success.

The Mindset of Top Salespeople

Transform your mindset and become a successful salesperson. Five percent of the self-made millionaires in the U.S. are salespeople, so what sets them apart? The Law of Cause and Effect rules human destiny, and in sales, you have to create certain circumstances to achieve your desired results. Top salespeople think about their goals all day, discuss them, and become more positive and enthusiastic. They sell five to 10 times more than the average person who mostly dwells on problems. What’s more, successful salespeople are optimistic, like themselves, and love their work, attributes that create a positive aura around them which customers can feel. Develop a high level of mental fitness, self-esteem, and self-confidence by undertaking the right mental exercises every day.

Strive for Excellence

Don’t settle for second best. Embrace ambition in setting your goals and overcoming obstacles. Professionals prepare and strive for excellence in every field.

The Power of Belief in Sales

Selling requires a transfer of enthusiasm, which starts with believing in yourself, your product, and your customer. Top salespeople have a unique power of belief that sets them apart. To become a top seller, you must adopt their habits and beliefs until they become second nature. One way to improve your ability is to repeat positive affirmations like “I love my work,” which increases your confidence and enjoyment. All top sellers love their work and like themselves, and this authenticity is palpable to clients. If you put your heart and mind into sales, success will follow.

Salespeople As Consultants

Businesses seeking advice hire consultants. Top salespeople are regarded as consultants, trusted to give advice leading to sales. Consider the principle that your beliefs are the cause of your circumstances, and it becomes evident that self-evaluation leads to the public’s evaluation of you. Confident conduct separates you from others and elevates you to the top 10% of salespeople. To increase your income, negotiate with your ‘boss’ in the mirror.

Preparing for Successful Sales Calls

The key to becoming a successful sales professional is preparation. The most highly paid sales professionals are those who review every detail of their account before picking up the phone. This involves pre-call analysis, learning as much as possible about your prospect, studying their products, services, history and its competitive market situation. Pre-call objectives should also be determined, where you should plan exactly what you hope to achieve with each sales call. After the call, take a few moments to write down every bit of information you gleaned from the discussion. A post-call analysis is essential to help you prepare for the next call.

A compelling statistic emphasizes the importance of preparation stating “80% of the reason that qualified prospects do not buy a product or service is because they are afraid of making a mistake.” One suggestion for success is investing 3% of your earnings back into your own career development. With the constantly growing knowledge base in your field, it’s essential to keep learning in order to earn more. The book emphasizes that the most esteemed sales professionals never stop learning about their clients, or their industry.

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