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Summary of: Bet on Yourself: Recognize, Own, and Implement Breakthrough Opportunities
By: Ann Hiatt


Prepare for a captivating summary of ‘Bet on Yourself: Recognize, Own, and Implement Breakthrough Opportunities’ by Ann Hiatt. Be inspired by her exceptional life story, learning from her experiences working with industry giants like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Eric Schmidt, as well as founding her own global consulting company. Delve into her insights on leveraging ambition and persistence, seeking out high-quality people who challenge and support you, and embracing risk-taking to achieve greatness. By the end, you’ll have a greater understanding of the importance of resilience, the power of perspective, and the potential for personal growth and fulfillment when you bet on yourself.

Ambition and Persistence

Ann Hiatt’s success story is grounded in her parents’ hard work, drive, and resilience during their formative years on an Idaho potato farm. They taught her the transformative power of ambition and persistence. Hiatt, the oldest of seven children, learned to be self-motivated, organized, and tactful. She compensated for her perceived lack of innate talent with an intense work ethic, which led to a successful career working with top executives such as Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. Hiatt’s “can-do” attitude helped her thrive in positions outside her comfort zone while maximizing every learning opportunity. She started her worldwide consulting company, reflecting the exponential power of hard work and big dreams that she learned early in life.

Hiatt’s Unconventional Hire

As a university student with plans to pursue a PhD and become a professor, Hiatt received career advice that led her to submit a resume to Amazon. Despite her lack of experience, Amazon invited her to interview for a junior assistant position. During her interview process, she met with senior vice presidents and even Jeff Bezos himself. Bezos asked her unconventional questions that centered on her thought process and problem-solving abilities, as well as her career goals and personal drive. Ultimately, Bezos hired Hiatt for her potential and creativity rather than her expertise. Hiatt’s experience serves as a testament to the benefits of taking risks and recognizing unique growth opportunities.

Dare to Be Different

Hiatt’s experience working with Bezos taught her the importance of seeking out high-quality people and finding satisfaction in working with teams that challenge and support her. The truly transcendent personalities are daring risk-takers who choose alternate paths to greatness, letting go of expectations placed on them by family and society. Bezos is an example of this with his choice to leave a secure job to pursue his dream of creating an online marketplace.

A Shift from Amazon to Google

After resigning from Amazon to pursue her PhD, Hiatt still worked on special projects one day a week at A9, a subsidiary in California. She declined a recruiter’s invitation to tour Google but eventually agreed and was impressed by the company’s innovative approach and exceptional employees. Hiatt found a new home at Google, where she could work with bright individuals and make a positive impact.

The Key to Cutting-Edge Environments

Hiatt’s career is proof that associating oneself with bright, inquisitive, and compassionate individuals instead of prioritizing salary or title is the way to progress. Resilience is essential for surviving the challenges it brings. Aggressiveness, accompanied by volunteerism, will make an indispensable member of the team.

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