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Summary of: Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing
By: Joe Vitale


Dive into the fascinating world of ‘Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing’ by Joe Vitale and discover powerful techniques to disrupt people’s ordinary trances, awaken their interest, and guide them into buying trances. The book sheds light on the game-changing sales strategy which involves connecting with people by understanding their problems, aspirations, and needs. Learn about the importance of stories and hypnotic techniques to capture and retain customers’ attention, as well as how to use language cleverly and persuasively to influence purchasing decisions. Get ready to transform your sales and marketing tactics by mastering the art of inducing buying trances.

Buying Trances Sales Strategy

In the book “Buying Trances,” the author explains how people live their lives in trances, preoccupied with their problems and aspirations, and not thinking about others or their products. To make a sale, one must connect with people by guiding them into a buying trance. Awaken yourself from the trance and put yourself in control by incorporating the fundamentals of hypnosis in your approach to sales. Perception controls how people respond to anything, and their perceptions are largely controlled by others. Stories are hypnotic and capture people’s attention, making them receptive to messages. The buying trance strategy can be challenging because people are wary of advertising messages, but by tapping into their personal trances and igniting their curiosity, one can successfully lead them into a buying trance.

The Psychology of Persuasive Marketing

The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal explores the principles of marketing that create a ‘positive expectancy’ in the minds of prospects. The author highlights that positioning, framing, and explaining a product or service determines how it is perceived, which in turn affects buyer behavior. To put people into buying trances, you must recognize their needs and appeal to them emotionally. The book identifies four categories of feelings that motivate purchase decisions: self-preservation, romance, money, and recognition. By understanding these principles and appealing to people’s interests, marketers can gain access to the minds of their audience, foster brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Leading People into a Buying State

To effectively lead people into a buying state of mind, it is crucial to first determine their current trance. This can be done by carefully listening to what they say, observing their body language, and paying attention to their questions and complaints. Once you have ascertained their trance, it is essential to build rapport with them by agreeing with their thoughts and desires. This can help grab their attention and lead it towards your offer. Even if you encounter resistance, agreeing with their point of view can help diffuse any difficult situation. Ultimately, the key to success is always keeping their interests in mind.

Grabbing Attention: The Art of Persuasion

In order to grab someone’s attention, it’s crucial to use language effectively. Advertising pioneer Elmer Wheeler discovered that sellers have just 10 seconds to capture someone’s interest. To do this, use language that feels relatable and familiar to readers. Open-ended questions, offering choices, and encouraging readers to use their imagination or making startling statements can be effective in grabbing attention. Headlines that include words like “Wanted,” “Warning,” “Why,” or “Give me five days and…” are also effective. Creating confusion can also motivate readers to seek clarification and take action. Effective sales writing identifies a problem, offers a solution, and motivates readers to act.

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