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Summary of: Career Killers/ Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read
By: John M. Crossman


Embarking on the professional journey of a lifetime? The book ‘Career Killers/ Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read’ by John M. Crossman is tailored to your needs. College may be over, but the real adventure begins as you dive into the world of careers, choices, and challenges. Discover the key elements to a successful career: knowledge, passion, and maturity. Learn how to avoid the five major career-killing mistakes, and develop vital strategies required for building a successful career. Dive into questions that will help you identify your special talents and the professional activities that bring you the most enjoyment. All this and much more await you in this insightful summary.

Crafting a Fulfilling Career

A fulfilling career should align with your personal and professional abilities and help attain your goals. We often hear that we can become whatever we want as children, but as adults, we must face reality and plan our careers. Making a successful and satisfying career requires dedication, discipline, and hard work, and it all starts with proper planning and preparation.

Building a Successful Career

To achieve success in a career, one needs to focus on three elements: knowledge, passion, and maturity. Knowledge is acquired through college studies and real-world experience, while passion keeps you engaged and joyful. Maturity is gained through responsibility, leading to better decision-making. To plan a successful career, one should identify their talents, areas of improvement, enjoyments in professional and non-professional activities, and define success in both areas of life. As Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

The Five Career-Killing Mistakes

The book discusses five main areas that can destroy careers, including substance abuse, workplace romance, greed, an uncontrolled temperament, and excessive pride. Substance abuse can hurt both careers and lives and is costly to American employers. The workplace is for work, and not the place to search for love. Greed harms one’s reputation and is costly in the long run. Anger and pride cause people to lose control and can lead to job loss. The book stresses the importance of addressing and avoiding these mistakes to secure one’s career success.

Career Builders Summary: The Five Key Elements to Move Ahead in Your Career

The world is competitive, and one has to take certain steps to differentiate themselves from others. This is particularly true in the professional world where making personal mistakes can lead to disastrous results. Many people think that by merely keeping their heads down and working hard, they can avoid pitfalls, but this is rarely the case. To get ahead, you need to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd. There are five career builders that can help fulfill your ambitions and help you take active steps to differentiate yourself from everyone else at work.

Mentors are one of the most significant building blocks in any career. Leaders, CEOs, and star athletes throughout history have benefited from the advice of a mentor. They show their protégées how to overcome obstacles, introduce them to other leaders, and help them grow professionally. If you have a mentor, always express your gratitude.

No one can navigate life alone. Your family, friends, and acquaintances help keep you on track to succeed in life and in your career. Ideally, establish trusting, open relationships with those who are close to you so you can express yourself freely without worrying about repercussions.

Sometimes, you need to get a fresh perspective from an expert. When that happens, professional counselors and executive coaches can be of immense help. They can offer objective views on what you could do to improve your life and move ahead in your career. Rejecting the idea of professional counseling can limit what you can achieve personally and professionally.

Employers want people who will listen carefully, learn to meet the company’s requirements and do things their way. They prefer to employ coachable people they can develop professionally. Show that you can learn by embracing professional growth.

In today’s world, most people find new jobs through personal connections rather than job advertisements, social media, the internet, or headhunters. Therefore, it is essential to build and maintain a robust personal network of connections. Many companies and professional firms also rely on personal connections to generate new clients and customers.

In conclusion, to get ahead in your career and stand out from the crowd, you must take active steps to differentiate yourself. Consider finding a mentor, building trusted relationships, seeking expertise from counselors, being coachable, and expanding your personal network of connections.

Balancing Personal and Professional Goals

Establishing a fulfilling career and life involves both avoiding career-ending mistakes and utilizing career-building opportunities. To achieve lasting happiness, you must interweave your personal and professional aspirations in a harmonious blend. The author recommends focusing on three primary goals to achieve this balance.

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