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Summary of: Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work
By: Kanika Tolver


Welcome to the summary of ‘Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work’ by Kanika Tolver, a professional coach and founder of Career Rehab, LLC. If you’re suffering from Career SAD (Stress, Anxiety, and Depression at work), this book provides practical and actionable advice to help you embrace a state of mind and a plan of action aimed at transforming your career. The summary delves into topics like identifying your personal brand, adopting a ‘Job Dating’ mindset, networking like a hustler, and knowing when to quit your job to pursue your own business.

Career Transformation Made Simple

Kanika Tolver’s Care Rehab program aims to help individuals suffering from work-related stress, anxiety, and depression redirect their careers towards an “epic life.” As the CEO and founder of Care Rehab, LLC, Tolver’s practical and actionable guidance distinguishes her career self-help program from others in the market. Her passion for social commitment and helping people achieve their potential is contagious. If you’re looking for a contemporary, mindfulness-based approach to transform your career, Tolver’s program, along with books like Traction by Gino Wickham and You Were Born For This by James Nestor, can help you chart a new path towards professional fulfillment.

Career Rehab

Kanika Tolver advises professionals dissatisfied with their current careers to take inspiration from companies creating new products, identifying areas of negativity at work and using them as a diagnostic tool for a Career Rehab plan.

Revamp Your Career

Tolver’s book offers valuable insights on how to create a fulfilling career path. The author presents a unique “Rehab You Evaluation” to help readers identify areas of their work life that require change. To promote personal brand, Tolver provides specific tips such as polishing skills, evaluating education and career goals, and promoting oneself on Linkedin. Additionally, Tolver introduces three archetypes: “Cool Geek,” “Corporate Rebel,” and “Career Dropout” to assist readers in finding their ideal career path. With Tolver’s expertise, readers can revamp their career to achieve personal satisfaction and success.

Combatting Career SAD

Workplace stress can lead to career stress, anxiety, and depression (Career SAD) which can negatively impact work quality, relationships and performance. In her book, Tolver recommends taking care of one’s mental health through meditation, exercise, journaling, healthy eating, family time, and relaxation time after work and on weekends.

Market Your Personal Brand

According to Tolver, you should never see yourself as just an employee. To stand out, market your personal brand using her “Three E’s”: education, expertise, and experience.

Date Your Jobs

In her book, the author suggests that job seekers should approach their job search like dating, with the idea that short-term positions lead to long-term benefits. This means that job hopping can build skills, create new connections and ultimately increase earning potential. Tolver breaks this approach down by using her three archetypes: Cool Geeks, Corporate Rebels, and Career Dropouts, with each requiring a different approach to job searching. By adopting this strategy, job seekers can become more strategic in their work choices and create a path to a successful career.

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