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Summary of: Do Open: How a simple email newsletter can transform your business (and it can) (Do Books, 15)
By: David Hieatt


Embark on a transformative journey that takes you through the power of email newsletters and how they can revolutionize your business, in the book summary of ‘Do Open’, authored by David Hieatt. Learn about how newsletters not only augment business growth but also bolster brand recognition and foster a sense of community when executed correctly. Get acquainted with valuable insights and actionable tips on generating enticing content, adopting a relatable tone, and maintaining consistency. Explore the potential of aesthetics and design in evoking brand values and delivering a refreshing experience to your audience.

Do Open: The Power of Newsletters

David Hieatt’s Do Open highlights the potential of newsletters as a marketing tool for companies. The author offers practical tips for creating and sharing newsletters, backed by compelling evidence. While not addressing the decline of email among Generations Y and Z, Hieatt’s advice remains relevant and valuable for those looking to invest in email as a marketing tool.

The Power of Email Newsletters

Hieatt argues that while social media is important for business growth, email newsletters should not be overlooked as a potent tool. In his book, he explains that social media platforms may lose influence over time, but email is a durable technology that allows for deeper conversation with subscribers. Hieatt’s own experience using an email newsletter to promote his business shows how effective and beneficial it can be. Business owners looking to establish a digital strategy should take note of the value of email newsletters in reaching and engaging with their audience.

Successful Email Newsletter Strategy

Building a successful email newsletter strategy is a valuable digital marketing tool for business growth and brand recognition. This can be achieved through providing relevant and inspiring content to subscribers. Asking for payment is common, however, offering valuable facts and anecdotes can help build a trusting relationship with your audience. In order to be successful, it is essential that newsletters are tailored towards your customers’ needs and interests. When executed correctly, email newsletters provide a virtuous cycle that fosters a community and drives business growth.

Building a Loyal Customer Base

Foster customer engagement by responding to their inquiries and partnering with influencers. Develop a targeted approach to attract a core group of 1,000 loyal followers by focusing solely on their interests, rather than trying to appeal to everyone. Author Hieatt emphasizes the importance of respecting the customer’s intelligence and time and suggests direct selling tactics. Follow the example of Hiut Denim, who send two distinct marketing emails: a concise, sales-driven message and a more detailed update on company events and projects.

Engaging Newsletters

Hieatt’s book emphasizes the importance of creating newsletters that sound personal and human-like. Writing clearly, conversationally, and including emotional language can create a predictable response that is advantageous to marketers. Humor, imperfections, and vulnerability can make newsletters sound more natural, relatable, and exciting. Ultimately, the goal of newsletters should be to make customers feel something in response to your offering. Hieatt suggests taking the precaution of reading the text aloud before sending it and being unafraid to embrace imperfections.

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