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Summary of: Don’t Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job
By: Jeffrey J. Fox


Are you tired of traditional job-hunting techniques that lead you nowhere? In ‘Don’t Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job’, Jeffrey J. Fox offers unconventional yet effective strategies to land a fantastic job that sets you apart from the competition. This summary dives into innovative job-seeking tactics such as crafting customized impact letters and resu-letters, conducting thorough research on target organizations, and presenting your dollarized value during interviews. Discover how effective job hunting is all about selling yourself as a valuable product, much like companies market their products.

Innovative Job Hunting

The common wisdom of job hunting is wrong. Sending out resumes and networking will only limit your chances. To secure a great job, you need to use tactical job-hunting techniques that will make you stand out. You are a product that needs to be differentiated, tailored to meet specific needs, and packaged and promoted clearly. To do this, you must consider how the job you want creates value. Every job has value, and you must showcase your value during interviews. Sending in conventional resumes and cover letters won’t cut it. You need to do your homework, research the company, and bring innovative ideas to the table. Approach job hunting as a corporate marketing exercise and apply the principles of marketing to sell yourself effectively.

The Road to Landing Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job requires effort, focus and targeted preparation. The first steps involve researching your desired organization, crafting impactful letters, and treating the interview as a sales pitch. Ensure that you communicate how much value you can bring to the organization and bring something helpful along for the interview. During the interview, prioritize the company’s needs and conduct a needs analysis. Write personalized resumes for each organization and use them as sales literature during follow-ups. Be sure to pre-plan subsequent interviews, send thank-you notes within a day of the interview, and follow up with a phone call.

Crafting an Effective Resume

Don’t waste your time sending unsolicited resumes that will most likely end up in the trash. If you want to stand out and increase your chances of getting noticed, treat your job search like a sales process. Customize your resume to fit the job and organization, create interest, and build rapport before sending any literature. Remember to do your homework, learn how to pronounce names, and be different from everyone else. In short, the key to success is to remember that hiring companies only care about solving their problems, and your resume should clearly reflect how you can help them solve it.

Think Outside the Box: Finding Your Dream Job

Whether you’re targeting a specific company or searching by location, finding a job is all about creative thinking. One strategy is to look where others haven’t, such as venture capitalists or small businesses. China’s growing economy also provides opportunities for those willing to learn Mandarin. And with foreign investment flowing into Cuba, job opportunities are expected to increase when the communist government falls or U.S. sanctions are lifted. The key to landing your dream job is to think outside the box and look for opportunities that others might overlook.

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