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Summary of: Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition
By: Anthony Iannarino


Get ready to dive into the competitive world of B2B sales with Anthony Iannarino’s ‘Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition’. This book is a no-nonsense guide that urges you to be the top dog in your industry, attracting dream clients and leaving your competitors in the dust. As you explore the world of sales through Iannarino’s eyes, you’ll learn about the significance of relationships in your career and the importance of becoming your clients’ trusted advisor. Discover the difference between blue and red ocean markets and follow the author’s advice on mastering ‘mindshare’ to excel in your field. Embark on a journey that dares you to steal clients from your competitors and thrive in a fierce sales environment.

Winning at B2B Sales

Anthony Iannarino’s book, The Sales Blog, offers practical advice to become the preferred choice for clients in a competitive B2B sales world. His writing style is direct and appealing to readers. Iannarino’s other books include The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing, which have garnered praise from fellow sales experts for its effective strategies. The author’s philosophy is about surpassing the competition by making them second best and securing the top spot among clients.

The Art of Salesmanship

Anthony Iannarino’s “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” encourages salespeople to embrace healthy competition and push themselves to steal clients from their competitors. According to Iannarino, relationships are everything in sales, and building strong relationships is the key to success. He acknowledges that winning all business may be impossible, but encourages readers to make it their goal nonetheless. By adopting this mindset, salespeople can strive to become the best in their field and outcompete their rivals.

Blue Ocean Selling

Sales expert Iannarino builds on the blue ocean metaphor described by Kim and Mauborgne in their book and applies it to the world of sales. While most salespeople struggle in the competitive red ocean of their industry, Iannarino teaches how to create a competition-free environment and sell anything to anybody any time. His approach empowers salespeople to become successful without having to fight for a piece of the shrinking pie.

From Vendor to Adviser

In his book, Iannarino emphasizes the importance of transitioning from being a vendor to becoming a trusted adviser to clients. This entails working with every influential contact within your target client companies to achieve “information disparity” and provide clients with strategic results rather than just pushing products. Consultative salespeople don’t attempt to sell products or services that won’t deliver genuine value.

Mastering Mindshare

In “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need,” Anthony Iannarino emphasizes that who you are as a person is more valuable than what you sell. To become a trusted advisor, it’s crucial to offer clients expert interpretation of changes and trends that affect their business. This means mastering mindshare – the ideas, advice, counsel, and subject matter expertise that you provide. In mature industries with intense competition, standing out requires becoming an expert in your sector, interpreting the latest trends for clients’ benefit. By doing so, you become a value proposition for your clients beyond the products or services you sell.

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