Endure | Cameron R. Hanes

Summary of: Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering
By: Cameron R. Hanes


Dive into the compelling story of Cameron Hanes as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery in ‘Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering’. This book captures the essence of facing life’s wilderness and the importance of mental and physical strength while pursuing one’s passion. Through the lens of bowhunting, Cam shares vital lessons about discipline, endurance, and relentless drive. Learn about his experiences on conquering both external challenges and self-imposed limitations as he navigates his pursuits as a hunter, athlete, and individual.

Unleashing Your Inner Wilderness

In the wilds of Oregon, Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth indulge in bowhunting, a demanding pursuit highlighting life’s valuable lessons. Everyone has their wilderness, an obstacle impeding one’s goals. Determine your wilderness and venture far enough to conquer it. Embrace discipline and persistence, and commit to making small improvements every single day to build an unshakable work ethic.

Our tale unfurls in the stunning Eagle Cap Wilderness, a rugged, 1,800-square-mile expanse in Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains. Traversing this challenging terrain, best friends Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth wield bows, their adept eyes searching for potential quarry, such as bull elk and bighorn sheep or, less fortunately, ferocious bears or cougars. It is here, among the unforgiving slopes, that the duo learn their most profound lessons about both bowhunting and life itself.

Passionate about exploring the next adventure, the more remote or perilous the terrain, the more eagerly they embrace it. This is because each of us faces a wilderness in our lives – uncertainties that stand between us and the achievement of our dreams. These obstacles become opportunities for growth, enabling us to hone our skills. Cameron Hanes’s wilderness lay in the mountains, where he grew mentally and physically tenacious in his pursuit of his love for bowhunting. Reflect on your unique wilderness and how you plan to tackle it.

When Roy Roth relocated to Alaska, Cameron lost his companion but didn’t let that stop him. Instead, for 12 years, he pursued his dreams alone, confronting his fears and doubts and fostering self-reliance and confidence. However, another challenge soon emerged.

In 1996, Cameron scored a job with Springfield Utility Board, a construction role offering stability yet restricting the time he could dedicate to hunting pursuits. Despite this, he devoted his weekends to his passion and remains committed to his work today – in 25 years, he’s never missed a single day.

Cameron’s achievements don’t involve talent, fortune, or expertise – instead, they stem from discipline and perseverance. His advice is simple: commit to doing something every day for a whole year to enhance yourself. Whether running a mile, reading a chapter, or penning a paragraph, remain unwavering in your dedication.

Adopting this fierce work ethic, Cameron applies it to everything he does. It has steered him through life and empowered him to face challenges head-on, always ready to embrace the unknown.

Catching Up to Greatness

In 2008, an ordinary man named Cameron Hanes found himself running alongside his idol, the famed cyclist Lance Armstrong, during the Boston Marathon. Initially, at a disadvantage, Cam decided to keep going and eventually caught up to Lance. Running side by side for over half the marathon, Cam ultimately finished just ahead of the legend. Cam’s story demonstrates the power of visualizing your success and relentlessly pursuing it, regardless of the obstacles you face.

Back in the 2008 Boston Marathon, Cameron Hanes was around seven miles into the race when he spotted none other than Lance Armstrong ahead of him. He had previously joked with his sons that he’d run with Lance and beat him, despite them reminding him of the seemingly insurmountable difference in their status. Undeterred, Cam focused on achieving his ambitious goal.

For the past eight years, Cam had been pushing his limits in running, constantly seeking improvement. Driven by the sight of Lance, he tried to close the gap between them. However, the legendary cyclist started to pull away, and Cam was faced with a decision: accept failure or keep going. With unwavering determination, Cam told himself that he wanted to catch up to Lance, and so he did.

Running side by side after conquering the toughest hill of the race, Cam broke the ice by asking Lance how he felt. To his delight, Lance replied that he was struggling. From that moment, they ran together for over half of the marathon. Near the end, they parted ways for Lance’s camera-ready finish, but Cam persevered and completed the marathon 12 seconds ahead of the iconic athlete.

News of Cam’s victory spread, with headlines proclaiming him as the “Bowhunter Beats Armstrong.” His family celebrated with pride, his sons in awe after watching the race on TV. But the most significant reward was winning the admiration of his father, who had never shown interest in Cam’s hobbies before but now could boast about his son defeating Lance Armstrong.

Cameron Hanes’s story teaches us a valuable lesson about the power of visualizing success, determination, and grit in the face of challenges. Obstacles may seem insurmountable compared to our idols, but if we continue to chase our dreams with unwavering resolve, there’s no telling what we can achieve once we expect greatness from ourselves.

Embrace Your Personal Rock

Just like Cameron Hanes carrying a rock up a mountain, we should find our own personal rock and challenge ourselves every day. Embrace pain and discomfort as tools to constantly improve and stay ahead of the competition, firmly holding onto our passion and purpose despite obstacles and difficulties.

Cameron Hanes, a dedicated bowhunter, found an immense rock on his running trail on Mount Pisgah in North Carolina. During a motivational seminar, he decided to carry the rock up the mountain as an inspirational example. He initially guessed the rock weighed about 70 pounds. However, it turned out to be much heavier, weighing 130 pounds. Even with its jagged edges digging into his flesh, Hanes completed the mile and a half uphill journey that normally took him 15 minutes without the rock. In this case, it took him two hours.

Following this experience, Cam made a tradition out of carrying the rock up and down the mountain. This exemplifies his attitude toward training—immersing himself in challenges and embracing discomfort. Although his intense workout regimen may not be essential for bowhunting, Hanes refuses to be average.

Hanes believes in hard work, knowing it is necessary to beat the competition. To him, accepting exhaustion, pain, and discomfort as part of the process leads to progress in achieving his goals. This is the approach he takes every single day, without taking breaks.

The takeaway from this story is to find your own metaphorical rock and commit to carrying it up your mountain daily, embracing every obstacle along the way. It might be more difficult than expected, and there may be pain or moments of doubt, but it’s essential to push through and stay focused on your passion. Remember that the sacrifices made will be worth the effort, and there will always be tests to ensure a firm grip on that rock of personal growth.

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