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Summary of: Equal: A Story of Women, Men and Money
By: Carrie Gracie


In ‘Equal: A Story of Women, Men and Money’, Carrie Gracie, an award-winning journalist, provides an insightful account of her battle for equal pay at the BBC and delves into the issue of gender pay gap on a broader scale. As the China Editor for BBC World News, Gracie found herself at the center of a pay discrimination storm and shares her experiences fighting for fair remuneration. Through her own story, Gracie uncovers the hidden realities of pay inequality and the struggles women face in today’s workforce. The book offers a manual of practical advice for those faced with similar challenges in their own careers, as well as shedding light on the broader societal injustices which underpin pay discrimination.

Fighting for Equal Pay

Follow Carrie Gracie’s journey as she fights for recognition and equal pay for women. As the BBC’s China Editor, Gracie discovered that her salary was significantly lower than her male peers. Her memoir serves as a manual for other women, offering advice for those in similar situations. Gracie’s powerful story emphasizes the importance of pursuing equal pay and the personal and professional anguish it can cause. Through this book, she sheds light on other equal pay fights and provides valuable insights for women, men, and employers on how to push for equality.

Breaking Down the Gender Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is the inequality between men and women’s salaries for equivalent work. Gracie emphasizes that companies that pay men more than women for the same job perpetuate discrimination. Shockingly, the average woman in the United States will earn around $600,000 less than a man over her lifetime, and women’s pensions in the United Kingdom are 40% less than men’s.

Fighting for Equal Pay

In her book, journalist Carrie Gracie chronicles her fight for equal pay at the BBC and shares tips for others who face discrimination in the workplace. Gracie accepted the role of China Editor on the condition she receive the same pay as her male peers, but years later discovered a significant pay gap. She joined forces with 44 senior women and collectively demanded equal pay. Gracie describes the process of taking legal action and the importance of solidarity when fighting for equality. She also calls for men to support gender parity by revealing their pay rates and renouncing their privilege.

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