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By: Paul Jarvis


Welcome to the captivating summary of ‘Everything I Know’ by Paul Jarvis. Are you ready to choose your own adventure? Step into a journey of embracing your individuality, learning from experience, and navigating the world of entrepreneurship. Discover the importance of aligning your work with your values, cultivating your unique skills to stand out in the market, and focusing on both authenticity and growth. Delve into overcoming fear and excuses, and realize the significance of establishing strong intentions and meaningful connections with your clients in a competitive world. Embrace the beauty of constantly learning and adapting in your professional journey while incorporating creativity at every turn.

Embrace Your Unique Adventure

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from your childhood? They taught us the value of making unique choices and carving our own path in life. Paul Jarvis, a successful web designer, discovered that replicating someone else’s journey leads to boredom and mediocrity. Embracing our individuality and taking big risks can bring amazing rewards, help others, and uncover hidden treasures.

As kids, many of us enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books, where our decisions determined the protagonist’s fate. A young Paul Jarvis loved these books, and carried their essence into adulthood, choosing to become his own boss.

Working for a web design company in Toronto briefly after quitting college, Jarvis encountered the challenges of working under someone else’s control. However, this experience also granted him valuable insights into managing a web-based business โ€“ knowledge unlikely to be found within his college curriculum.

While working for others may seem less risky and more secure, the thrill and true success lie in taking big leaps and pursuing a unique path. For instance, Jarvis met clients who desired the same website as their competitors, failing to recognize the mundanity in following someone else’s footsteps.

Choosing a seemingly safe route may resemble a treasure hunt following someone else’s map. The real gold, however, has likely been found and appropriated by the original treasure-seeker. So why settle for a reconstructed version of someone else’s success, leaving only leftovers to scavenge? Instead, embrace your individuality and take a chance on your distinct adventure to find your very own treasures.

Authenticity and self-exploration are rewarded by the universe, empowering you to help others to do the same. Although schools and corporations often encourage conformity, our differences and quirks make us stand out. Embracing these unique characteristics paves the way for more meaningful and rewarding accomplishments in life.

Embrace Your Authenticity

It’s time to break free from the constraints of conventional expert advice and embrace your true self in your business endeavors. Being genuine and upfront about your values and experiences can help you connect with clients and customers on a deeper level. By focusing on meaningful internal values, you’ll be in control of your self-worth and attract the right audience for your business.

When it comes to business, you might have come across numerous advice advocating a cookie-cutter approach. However, the key to building a successful and inspiring business lies in deviating from traditional norms and embracing your individuality. Authenticity trumps perfection any day, and it’s crucial to be true to your unique self, even if that means being a bit weird.

For instance, some people may consider swearing in front of clients unprofessional, but there’s value in being real about who you are. A sincere and authentic attitude will resonate with clients who appreciate honesty and genuine intentions. Given a choice, people will always prefer a real, albeit quirky, individual over a monotonous and superficial facade.

Look at the world of yoga, where instructors could appear flawless and interchangeable. But then, you have Caren, a yoga teacher who openly discusses her battle with depression. This apparent vulnerability doesn’t repel potential clients; instead, it creates a loyal and inspired following, drawn to her candor and authenticity.

The crux of it all lies in identifying your core values and staying dedicated to them. This self-awareness will ensure you’re doing fulfilling work that resonates with your true self, regardless of external opinions. Prioritizing good work that genuinely helps people while pushing your creative boundaries should steer your course of action.

Additionally, it’s essential to avoid pegging your values to fame and wealth, as they are external factors beyond your control. Shifting the focus from externally determined outcomes, like sales numbers, to engaging with sincerity and care in your craft will give you a greater sense of accomplishment. A well-made product that sincerely benefits people means you’ve succeeded on your terms.

Ultimately, nurturing good internal values and demystifying the notion of perfection paves the way for a thriving business. This approach not only keeps your self-worth in check but also attracts the right audience who appreciate your authenticity and dedication. So, dare to be different and embrace your weirdness โ€“ that’s where your true business potential lies.

Learn by Doing

Embrace learning through experience and experimentation in your chosen craft, as it is often the most effective way to develop skills and adapt to the ever-changing demands of your field. When faced with stagnation or challenges in your endeavors, take a step back and reevaluate your situation, adjusting strategies for continuous growth and improvement.

In the pursuit of knowledge and mastering a craft, structured learning environments such as schools and universities offer a solid foundation. However, limits exist on what you can learn from books or lectures alone. Immersing yourself in hands-on experiences and learning by doing is truly invaluable.

For instance, when Jarvis dropped out of college to work at a web design company, he acquired skills that formal education couldn’t provide. This real-world experience eventually led him to launch his own successful business. Throughout his career, Jarvis faced various challenges and mistakes, which became invaluable lessons, enabling him to refine his work continually.

It’s crucial to stay adaptable when faced with the hurdles life throws at you. Suppose you find yourself in a challenging or stagnant situation. In that case, it’s wise to pause, reevaluate, and consider new approaches rather than stubbornly sticking to what isn’t working. Jarvis exemplified this when he restructured his freelance web design practices to better serve his clients after experiencing a downturn.

To avoid reaching a stagnation point, experiment, explore new ideas, and stay informed about the trends and developments in your field. Not only does this make you more resilient, but it allows you to evolve and excel in your craft. By learning through active engagement, you’ll quickly discover that experience is one of the most powerful teachers you’ll ever encounter.

Overcoming Obstacles to Success

Embrace your great idea and tackle the challenges that come with it by changing your mindset. Let go of the pursuit of perfection and focus on the good, using your values as a guiding force through the inevitable ups and downs of the creative journey.

Everyone has a fantastic idea that reflects who they are and what they cherish. The next step is surpassing the hurdles preventing that idea from becoming a reality. Obstacles may seem insurmountable, but a change in perspective can make all the difference in overcoming them.

Take perfectionism as an example; striving for flawless work may hold you back from pursuing a perfectly viable idea. Absolute perfection is an unrealistic goal, and insisting on it can lead to never accomplishing anything. It’s far better to create something with a few imperfections than nothing at all.

Another obstacle is the fear of being judged. In today’s connected world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid criticism from others. The key is to accept it as a part of life and not dwell on it for too long. Focus on the positive experiences, such as gaining new fans or receiving five-star reviews, instead of obsessing over the negative.

Having work that aligns with your values can also help you navigate through these challenges more easily. When your work is an expression of your beliefs and goals, you can feel confident and satisfied knowing that it meets those criteria, regardless of what critics may say.

So, let go of the need for perfection, embrace the ups and downs of the creative process, and stay true to your values. All these elements, combined with a shift in perspective, will empower you to overcome obstacles and bring your great idea to fruition.

Embracing Fear and Courage

Fear is a constant companion, even after experiencing success, as it evolves into new worries about meeting expectations. The key is to acknowledge fear and move forward with courage. Start by taking small steps and pushing through your fears, allowing yourself to learn from inevitable failures and growing as a person. Remember that fears often arise out of things we cherish, so be grateful for them and use them as fuel to work towards your goals.

Even the most successful individuals cannot escape their fears. New concerns arise, such as the anxiety of living up to previous accomplishments. These fears aren’t limited to a particular group โ€“ every person feels the weight of expectations when putting their work into the world. A critical way to address those fears is to care deeply about your work and uphold strong personal values. This mindset won’t eliminate your fears entirely, but it will help reduce their significance since external opinions will have less influence.

Recognizing that even successful people like Jarvis experience fears, one must remember that fear is a sign of something that matters to us, something we treasure and don’t want to lose. In this perspective, fear is an emotion to be grateful for as it motivates us to face challenges with courage.

It is essential to differentiate between courage and fearlessness; true courage requires acknowledging our fears and pushing through them to achieve our goals. It helps to consider breaking up your goals into small, manageable steps. Jarvis, who feared crowds and criticism, tackled his anxiety by first performing in parks, then progressing to open mic nights and eventually booking gigs in clubs. This approach allowed him to gradually acclimate to his fears.

Along the way, Jarvis realized that fears are often unfounded, and even after perceived failures, fans would still appreciate his efforts. It’s essential to understand that fearing failure is counterproductive, as no successful artist or entrepreneur achieves greatness without a trail of failures behind them. Embrace these setbacks as invaluable opportunities for growth and development, and accept fear as a natural part of the life journey.

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