Expect to Win | Carla A. Harris

Summary of: Expect to Win: Proven Strategies for Success from a Wall Street Vet
By: Carla A. Harris


Discover the secrets to long-term success in your career with ‘Expect to Win: Proven Strategies for Success from a Wall Street Vet’ by Carla A. Harris. This summary explores the importance of authenticity in the workplace, the impact of self-confidence, and the necessity to be strategic in your career planning. By understanding your unique skills, abilities, and personality, you can harness your power and embrace your authentic self at work. Learn the value of building a personal brand, relationships, and honing your voice for maximum career growth. Harris also emphasizes the need to maintain a work-life balance, taking calculated risks, and giving back to others for a fulfilling life both inside and outside the office.

Embracing Authenticity at Work

Your job is not merely a display of hard work and intelligence, but a chance to leverage your unique skills and personality traits. By being your authentic self, you increase your value to the company. You exude self-confidence and inspire trust in your clients, bosses, and colleagues. But to achieve this, you need to appreciate your strengths, recognize your weaknesses, and be clear about your goals. Creating an “elevator speech” that describes your professional essence helps to solidify your understanding of yourself. Being authentic also involves being transparent about your personal values and interests; they add an extra dimension to your career.

Directing Your Professional Growth

Designing and executing a self-directed agenda can help you achieve long-term career goals, despite regular setbacks. Don’t allow peer competition to affect your advancement, instead leverage industry norms to measure your progress. Mistakes will happen, but they shouldn’t compromise your agenda. Learn from the errors, and continue the journey. It is important to understand and identify the “corporate ecosystem” and determine where you fit; whether your success stems from proficiency in your job or having strong internal relationships. Find the right mentor and group of supporters who can help propel your career, and who recognize your abilities, ultimately leading to work satisfaction, professional growth, and achieving your objectives.

Master Your First 90 Days

As a new employee, your first 90 days are crucial in setting the stage for your long-term success. During this period, you must learn and conform to the company’s formal and informal norms, demonstrate your value, and build meaningful relationships. You must also take responsibility for your growth and development and learn how to broaden your perspective. The key to success is to use a calendar to track your progress, focus on adding value, take the initiative to learn, and become part of your work group on a social level. Remember, your managers and co-workers will form their initial opinions based on their first 90-day impression of you. Therefore, take control and ensure that the quality of your output is excellent. By following these strategies, you’ll set yourself up for a bright career trajectory.

Perception Matters

In the book “Perception Matters,” the author emphasizes that in a professional setting, how your colleagues and superiors perceive you is a crucial factor in determining your success. Hard work alone may not suffice to guarantee your career advancement. The key is to create a “personal brand” that aligns with your firm’s values and to behave accordingly. To achieve this, the author suggests coming up with three adjectives that capture this brand and asking for feedback from people, both admirers, and critics. Relationships are also essential in climbing the career ladder, and individuals at different career levels should project certain qualities. Enthusiasm and commitment for young workers, leadership qualities for mid-level managers, and authoritative and forward-thinking traits for senior employees.

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