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Summary of: Find Your Why: A Practical Guide to Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team
By: Simon Sinek


Embark on a journey to discover the essence of living a fulfilling life with Simon Sinek’s ‘Find Your Why: A Practical Guide to Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team’. This book summary delves into the importance of identifying your purpose, or WHY, and its impact on both your personal and professional life. Learn about the golden circle, exploring your past experiences, and turning to trustworthy individuals to help bring out your WHY. Understand the crucial role WHYs play within companies, and how defining and rediscovering their purpose can lead to innovation and progress. Finally, unleash the power of HOWs in making sure your actions align with your overall goals.

Discovering Your WHY

Feeling unfulfilled in life may be a result of lacking a sense of purpose, or not knowing your WHY. Identifying your WHY brings life clarity, direction, and passion, benefiting both individuals and companies. Apple’s “Think Different” campaign exemplifies a strong WHY, and sharing your WHY during job interviews can make you more compelling and unique to potential employers.

When you feel lost or unfulfilled in life, it’s often due to not having identified your life’s purpose, known as your WHY. Discerning your WHY can be a challenging process, but once you embrace it, your life becomes more driven and meaningful.

Simon Sinek, the author, discovered his WHY—inspiring others—after losing passion for his work. Embracing this realization led him to a new sense of clarity and optimism. His newfound purpose didn’t go unnoticed, as others found his confidence and direction genuinely appealing.

A powerful WHY doesn’t only apply to individuals; it’s just as crucial for companies. Look at Apple, for example. Despite competing with companies offering cheaper products with more features, Apple maintains the loyalty of its customers thanks to its “Think Different” motto. This motto represents Apple’s WHY, and customers prefer supporting a business with a progressive identity rather than just saving a few dollars.

To illustrate the impact of a strong WHY further, consider two paper company advertisements. While one focuses on superior quality and affordability, the other emphasizes the company’s mission to create exceptional products that enable people to document and share their ideas. The latter pitch, articulating the company’s WHY, is more compelling and attractive.

Knowing and sharing your WHY is equally important in personal situations, such as job interviews. When asked what made her unique during an interview, a client named Emily discussed her eagerness to collaborate and help others become their best selves. Her clear understanding and articulation of her WHY landed her the job.

Ultimately, discovering your WHY can transform your life and career by providing clarity, direction, and purpose that resonate with both you and others.

Discovering Your Golden WHY

If your job leaves you drained and uninspired, you haven’t connected with your WHY. The golden circle, originating from Simon Sinek’s previous book, consists of three layers representing WHAT we do, HOW we do it, and WHY we do it. Aligning these layers reveals our passion. One way to uncover your WHY is by examining your past experiences and personal stories. Doing so helps pinpoint what truly ignites your zeal and binds you to a meaningful career.

Feeling exhausted at the thought of heading to work? This might be a sign that you haven’t unraveled your WHY. Once you discover a job that aligns with your true passion, even seemingly dull tasks become enjoyable.

Simon Sinek’s golden circle model is one effective way to identify what sparks your enthusiasm. It consists of three layers. The outer circle represents WHAT we do, the middle circle demonstrates HOW we do it, and the core circle, the golden one, uncovers WHY we do it. Finding harmony between these layers engenders passion in your profession.

Consider the story of Steve, a steel producer who remained passionate about his work for 23 years. What made him enthusiastic? The WHAT in his job was producing steel. The HOW was through manufacturing a pure product that generates less pollution and is easier to recycle. However, his commitment stood on the WHY – keeping the environment clean for future generations.

If you struggle to identify your WHY, consider exploring your past experiences and see what emotions emerge. One young woman discovered her WHY when she realized through sharing her personal stories, that she had a strong desire to protect her younger sister from an abusive father. This experience forged a path towards a career in protecting the vulnerable, unveiling her golden WHY.

There are multiple ways to find your WHY, and once you unlock it, you will uncover the fuel needed to sustain passion in your work.

Unveiling Your WHY

Discovering your WHY might seem elusive at times, but don’t be discouraged. A fresh perspective can often assist in the process. An inquisitive listener with a keen eye for details can ask probing questions, uncovering connections you may have missed. These insights can ultimately reveal your true purpose and life mission.

If digging deep into your memories and recalling stories from your past hasn’t led you to understand your WHY – your true purpose – fret not. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can prove to be immensely helpful. All you need is a curious and observant listener who can provide valuable insights into your life.

Select someone you trust who is not intimately familiar with your background. The right confidante should be someone willing to ask meaningful questions and potentially take notes. In-depth inquiries are crucial for unearthing your WHY, as they can often lead to significant details and strong emotions.

Merely scratching the surface of your memories might not give enough information to pinpoint your WHY. But, with insightful questions, a simple statement like, “I enjoyed visiting my cousins during summer vacation,” could transform into, “I loved our adventures exploring the woods and discovering the wonders of nature.” This level of detail can help reveal common themes connected to your core purpose.

An attentive listener can draw parallels between seemingly unrelated stories, extracting common threads that signify your WHY. Take Todd’s example: he shared three distinct stories about losing a sports scholarship, feeling useless at his job, and feeling fulfilled by a thoughtful gesture. By carefully examining these stories, the authors found a common theme – Todd’s longing to make a meaningful impact and help others live a more fulfilling life.

Don’t let the challenge of finding your WHY overwhelm you. Seek the aid of an empathetic listener who can look beyond the surface and help uncover the driving force behind your life’s passions. With their support, you’ll be one step closer to shaping a purposeful and fulfilling destiny.

Unleashing the Power of WHY

A well-defined company vision or “WHY” can make a remarkable difference in employee satisfaction and overall success. The WHY Discovery Workshop offers an engaging way for companies to shape their WHY, ensuring that everyone gets aligned with a clear mission and purpose. This process not only brings teams together but also paves the way for future innovation, a strong corporate culture, and sustainable growth.

A fulfilling job can lose its appeal when the company you’re working for lacks a clear vision or purpose, an essential element commonly referred to as the “WHY.” Defining this WHY is crucial, especially when it concerns your own business. To carve out a strong WHY, the WHY Discovery Workshop provides the ideal avenue for gathering and sharing compelling stories representing your company’s unique essence.

Consider the successful espresso machine company, La Marzocco, which conducted a memorable workshop. Employees were encouraged to narrate stories that reflected the company’s core values, leading to the crystallization of their WHY statement: fostering meaningful connections over coffee.

Sometimes, companies might lose touch with their original WHY or require modifications to reflect present-day realities. In these cases, running a WHY Discovery Workshop can work wonders as well. Enrique Uribe, who introduced a self-service supermarket, Cuestamoras, to Costa Rica, sensed that his business had strayed from its initial vision. A workshop allowed Uribe and his brothers to revisit and redefine their mission, which ignited innovation and generated opportunities for the community.

Now, Uribe’s family can continue honoring his original vision as Cuestamoras expands, sustaining the company’s progress for years to come. Consequently, the WHY Discovery Workshop paves the way for a unified corporate culture, a precise mission statement, and a robust vision, thus empowering employees to make well-informed decisions in line with the company’s core principles.

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