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Summary of: Getting There: A Book of Mentors
By: Gillian Zoe Segal


Embark on an inspiring journey as we dive into the key takeaways from ‘Getting There: A Book of Mentors’ by Gillian Zoe Segal. This book summary introduces readers to a diverse selection of successful individuals, each with their unique story of overcoming adversity, embracing their passion, and following their dreams. You’ll discover how the power of mentorship propelled them on their path to success and how their experiences can serve as valuable lessons for your own journey. We’ll touch upon important themes such as determination, resilience, hard work, and self-belief that exemplify the spirit of these trailblazers.

Embracing Individual Paths

Many people admire their parents and may even follow their career choices. Harvard Business School dean Nitin Nohria initially pursued engineering like his successful father, who rose from humble beginnings in India. Despite struggling with mediocre science grades due to his passion for literature, Nohria excelled in elective courses such as history, literature, and economics. Realizing engineering wasn’t his path, he switched directions, studying finance at MIT. Eventually, he earned a doctorate in management and became the dean of Harvard Business School. While not all parents inspire the same way, children can still achieve greatness independently.

Overcoming Childhood Through Art

Unsupportive and controlling parents often contribute to psychological challenges in adulthood. However, these difficult childhood experiences can also serve as a catalyst for motivation and success, as demonstrated by the story of performance artist Marina Abramović. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, to absent paramilitary parents who imposed strict discipline, Abramović grew up mostly alone but developed her artistic skills at an early age. By age 12, she had held her first art show, and after graduating from art academies in Belgrade and Zagreb, she discovered her passion for performance art. At the time, performance art was not widely accepted, and Abramović faced criticism and ridicule. Nevertheless, she persevered, pushing the boundaries of her body and mind to create groundbreaking art. Today, Abramović’s resilience has led to her worldwide success and recognition in the art world.

Nerd Triumph: The Craigslist Story

As a socially awkward teenager with a passion for technology, Craig Newmark found himself feeling excluded. Upon realizing that his poor communication skills were holding him back, he decided to use the internet as a tool for connection. Newmark began sending out emails about local events to friends, which eventually expanded to include job advertisements, services, and sales listings. This led to the creation of the successful web platform, Craigslist, which has fostered trust and belonging in urban communities across the globe.

Growing up as a self-proclaimed “computer nerd,” Craig Newmark found himself drowning in awkward social interactions and a frustrating lack of friends, feeling utterly excluded and alone. However, during one fateful class discussion, he uncovered the root of his social struggle: poor communication skills.

Thankfully, Newmark didn’t see his adolescence as the end of the road. He was still convinced that he could form meaningful connections with others, and in 1995, he saw a glimmer of hope in the still-nascent technology of the internet. With a unique ability to bring people together and facilitate assistance, this powerful new tool provided Newmark with the chance to create an inclusive online space for people to connect and participate.

Starting with humble email updates to friends about upcoming art and tech events, Newmark soon found his little venture garnering attention and growing rapidly. Requests poured in to join his mailing list, as well as suggestions to include job postings, services, and sales ads, making his emails an increasingly valuable hub of information. In only six months, his email had ballooned to 240 listings – far too many for his current email format.

This marked the beginning of Craig’s List, a new listing service that soon garnered a million page views every month. By 1999, Craigslist was officially a company, built on Newmark’s initial vision to “give people a break” in urban communities worldwide. Today, Craigslist remains committed to its founding principle of helping people forge connections and solve everyday problems, creating a genuine sense of trust and belonging along the way.

Unwavering Ambition Pays Off

Trusting her instincts, Wendy Kopp embarked on an ambitious journey to improve equal education opportunities. Despite facing skepticism, her perseverance led to the birth of the successful Teach For America program, proving the importance of unwavering ambition.

During her freshman year at Princeton University, Wendy Kopp sought to make a difference. After joining a student organization to raise funds, she encountered a life-changing question from the CEO of a major company: “Why should I support your goals when others have far more urgent needs?” This interaction motivated Kopp to dedicate her focus to a greater cause – equal education.

Kopp’s ambitious project aimed to improve public education by recruiting and training top graduates as teachers within low-income schools. However, her $2.5 million budget estimate for the project was met with skepticism from professors claiming it to be overly idealistic. Undeterred, Kopp persisted and began her fundraising efforts by contacting CEOs and business leaders. While many dismissed her lofty aspirations, she refused to back down.

Taking a more direct approach, Kopp started recruiting interested graduates. Soon after, more than 2,500 students expressed enthusiasm for her initiative, catching the media’s attention. With heightened public awareness, potential donors reached out, and Kopp swiftly acquired the needed funds, including a $500,000 grant from former presidential candidate Ross Perot.

Teach For America, Kopp’s brainchild, commenced training 489 teachers, a significant accomplishment born out of unyielding ambition. Throughout the entire process, Kopp faced various setbacks, but her unwavering determination allowed her to overcome these hurdles and ultimately achieve success. Her inspiring tale serves as a reminder for everyone to listen to their instincts, aim high, and never give up on their dreams.

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