Good Guys | David G. Smith

Summary of: Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace
By: David G. Smith


As we strive to create gender equity in the workplace, ‘Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace’ by David G. Smith is an enlightening guide aimed towards male leaders and men navigating today’s gender politics. This acclaimed manual empowers men to take proactive and consistent steps to become true allies to women. As you delve into this summary, you can expect to understand how addressing gender inequities can benefit businesses, enhance your capacity as a leader, and drive the necessary momentum to create a more egalitarian world.

Male Allies for Women

Discover why men can and should stand up for gender fairness, creating a level playing field and promoting profits, leadership, and inclusion. In their eye-opening guide, professors David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson offer practical advice, illustrating how male leaders and men seeking to navigate today’s gender politics can support women—alone, in groups, or as leaders. This essential book has won the Axiom Business Book Gold Medal and earned recognition from the Globe & Mail and Behavioral Scientist. Join a growing movement to make gender equity a reality in the workplace.

Partnering for Equality

In “Good Guys,” David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson discuss the importance of male allyship in reaching gender equality. The authors use statistics from the World Economic Forum to highlight the need for change, pointing out that achieving equality will take 200 years if current trends continue. However, instituting equal wages today could increase the global GDP by $28 trillion. Smith and Johnson stress the importance of male privilege, encouraging men to support equality actively. They urge readers to provide their colleagues with equal opportunities, acknowledging that women of color face double jeopardy from both racial and gender discrimination. To become an ally, men must build their “Gender Intelligence” (GQ) by paying attention to inequities in meetings and calling out any harmful behaviors. The authors emphasize that achieving true gender equality will require efforts from both men and women, and that a diverse and inclusive workplace will benefit everyone.

Supporting Women in the Workplace

The book emphasizes the importance of including women in business-related activities. It encourages men to share workplace housekeeping chores and call out sexist comments or biases. Genuine care is communicated through sharing time with female colleagues and encouraging them to apply for promotions. The book also emphasizes the need to fight pay differentials and create a core group of female friends. Mentoring decisions should be based on competence and abilities, not physical attributes. A female mentor can provide feedback and boost allyship.

Modern Day Family Dynamics

With less than 30% of families having a stay-at-home mother and working father, the majority of families have two working parents or single working parents. Despite this shift, women continue to perform a majority of unpaid domestic labor. The author suggests sharing responsibilities at home, including grocery shopping, child care and scheduling, as an act of allyship. Additionally, practicing equal contributions in front of children can enhance their confidence and teach sons to be allies. The normalization and honoring of family obligations are powerful acts of allyship in modern family dynamics.

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