Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions | Martin Yate

Summary of: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
By: Martin Yate


Embarking on a job search journey can be daunting, but ‘Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions’ by Martin Yate guides you through the process with meticulous strategies. This summary provides insights on crafting an impeccable resume, conducting effective job hunts, and acing interviews. The book highlights techniques for making connections and tackling challenging situations. With a blend of practical recommendations and motivational anecdotes, Yate equips you to navigate the job market with an ease and confidence that can exponentially increase your chances of success.

Winning Tips for Job Hunting

Job hunting strategies require research, practice, and an excellent resume. In creating a resume, use a universal language that is understandable for corporate types. If you have gaps in your work history or frequently changed jobs, a functional resume is ideal. Make your resume chronological if your work history shows stable growth. Do not include salary information in your resume, and focus more on your problem-solving abilities and corporate achievements. Successful job candidates prioritize the company’s interests and profitability.

Mastering the Job Hunt

To land a job, you must have a comprehensive approach. Tap into the hidden job market using online resources, newspapers, job fairs, employment agencies, professional organizations, and university placement offices. Make at least five career contacts daily through networking, and dress for success when attending community career days and job fairs. Build a bank of references in preparation for reference checks, and be sure to thoroughly vet them beforehand.

Mastering the Job Interview Phone Pitch

Find success in your phone pitch by capturing attention, sustaining interest, generating curiosity, and encouraging an in-person meeting. Develop talking points, highlight accomplishments, and avoid being too chatty. During a phone interview, be concise about your education and don’t provide too much detail until relevant. Don’t be deterred by internal hiring policies and consider asking the HR department for interviews in multiple positions. Homework is key to succeeding at job interviews, and phone interviews are no exception.

Dress for Success

Your appearance and body language can make or break your interview. To land your dream job, you must strike a balance between personal style and corporate conformity. Wear conservative, traditional garments, and invest in a well-cut, well-made suit. Navy, charcoal, and light gray are acceptable colors for men’s suits, while women should avoid cheap polyester fabrics. Pay attention to smooth seams, well-attached buttons, hemlines, and linings. Accessories should complement rather than attract too much attention. Keep your body language in check. Avoid a weak handshake, fidgety fingers, and invading the interviewer’s personal space. Maintain eye contact without staring, and periodically nod slowly with a slight tilt of the head to encourage the speaker. Remember that some hand gestures can be fatal in an interview, such as pen-tapping, collar-tugging, and hands in the pockets with thumbs out. Practice effective nonverbal communication to convey confidence and warmth. As the author rightly says, “Your career does not take care of itself – you must go out and grab the opportunities.”

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