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Summary of: Hedgehogging
By: Barton Biggs


Dive into the world of hedge funds and the personalities that drive them in Barton Biggs’ Hedgehogging. Get an insider’s look into the history and evolution of this high-stakes industry, while exploring key themes such as the development of hedge funds, the secrets of successful hedgehoggers, and their pursuit of ‘Alpha’ profits. In addition, understand the strategies involved in hedgehogging, the competitiveness of the game, and the exclusive social clubs where hedge fund managers exchange crucial information. This summary will help you explore the fascinating world of hedgehogging, combining anecdotes, market insights, and a glimpse into the rewarding yet risky lives of hedge fund managers.

The Origin of Hedge Funds

The first hedge fund was created in 1920, but the practice of hedging goes back to 1915 when John Maynard Keynes undertook the complexities of hedging. Keynes used leverage and held long and short currency positions, which became a profitable venture until he made the mistake of taking a spring vacation and lost everything. However, his investors still respected his genius, and gave him more money for a new fund. Although Keynes is best known for his economics writings, he also chaired a major insurance firm and told it not to sell its equities during the Depression, which multiplied his wealth 23 times in that period, earning the equivalent of $45 million in today’s dollars.

Riding the Hedgehog

Hedgehogging is not for the faint of heart, with its rocky terrain and rare triumphs. While the hedgehoggers rake in significant returns and attract more investors during their stellar periods, the journey to success is difficult, and not everyone survives the climb. Most hedge funds go under, while the cream of the crop is hoarded by a select few, making it hard for investors to locate profitable ventures. Despite the odds, hedgehoggers stick to their specialized “derivatives” tactics and hedging methods, aiming for above-average “Alpha” gains in a still-booming economy.

Hedge Fund Tales

Hedge funds can bring in a lot of money – or lead to catastrophic losses. “Hedge Fund Tales” describes some of the industry’s most outrageous stories. From sneaky members to arrogant short-sellers to the financial crisis, the book details how greed and risk-taking have their downsides. Hedge funds may be the road to wealth, but they can also end in financial ruin.

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