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Summary of: Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: the Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads
By: Luke Sullivan


Are you fascinated by the world of advertising but unsure of how to break into the industry and create truly great campaigns? Embark on a journey with Luke Sullivan’s ‘Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: the Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads,’ providing a comprehensive overview of the ever-changing advertising landscape. This book summary sheds light on the importance of building a compelling portfolio, tackling a diverse range of industries, and surviving the chaotic ad creation process. With these insights, you’ll learn how to overcome moments of creative block and develop ads that captivate the attention of your target audience regardless of the medium being used.

Crafting an Outstanding Ad Portfolio

In today’s competitive advertising industry, having a great portfolio is essential to stand out from the crowd. Rather than focusing on finished ads, agencies are interested in unique and impressive ideas. You can create an exceptional book by developing 8 to 9 hypothetical campaigns that showcase your talent. To generate great ideas, start by analyzing award-winning ads and products you use or like. Then, explore products outside of your comfort zone to demonstrate your versatility. Your portfolio should be your job application and set you apart from the competition.

Mastering Creativity in Advertising

Working in advertising can be chaotic and challenging, requiring serious effort to create successful work. The creative process is like washing a pig, with no beginning, end, or rules. Each client is different, and inspiration can be difficult to find. However, with persistence and resilience, it’s possible to pick yourself up and keep the creative process going.

Tricks to Overcome Creative Blocks

As a creative, feeling stressed or blocked is normal. However, there are some tricks that can help get you into the flow. One of these is simply starting to write without thinking too much, while another is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes to determine the emotional appeal that will resonate. Getting into the right headspace is crucial, whether that involves reading books or looking at photos to evoke the right mood. Lastly, working with a partner can be useful, especially when your different perspectives can be combined into a winning concept.

Compelling Ads: The Power of Simplicity and Truth

Creating impressive ads may seem complicated, but it can be simplified by finding one memorable adjective that represents the brand. By uncovering the truth about a product or presenting old truths in new ways, advertising can turn weaknesses into strengths. A great example is how Volkswagen’s wry ad in 1964 transformed its underdog status into a funny, attractive appeal. To succeed in creating effective ads, advertisers must address new challenges while keeping their messages simple yet truthful.

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