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Summary of: High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way
By: Brendon Burchard


Embark on a journey through Brendon Burchard’s ‘High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way’, where you will discover the core habits that set high performers apart from the rest. Based on one of the largest studies in history, this summary reveals that identity factors play a minimal role in high performance, and the real defining factors are the habits that these individuals consciously cultivate. Say goodbye to life hacks and get ready to embrace the loop of continual growth and self-improvement that is at the heart of this book’s message.

The Key Habits of High Performers

Have you ever wondered what separates high performers from the rest of us? According to the author Brendon Burchard, it’s not about race, age, gender, or personality traits but certain habits they practice deliberately and consistently. Burchard conducted a vast study on high performance and discovered that keeping physically fit is crucial, and these habits are not simple “life hacks” but earned through diligent practice. High performers have the confidence to tackle difficult tasks and learn new skills, which they gain through practice. The loop of continuous growth and self-improvement characterizes high performance. Burchard’s findings are good news for those who want to become high performers as anyone can do it by adopting the key habits and practicing them regularly.

Seek Clarity

The book emphasizes that high performers regularly ask themselves big questions, such as who they want to be, and what they intend to do with their life. Seeking clarity keeps them focused on their goals. To attain clarity, one must improve in four fields: self, social, skills, and service. Firstly, it’s essential to decide on the type of person one wants to become. Secondly, intentional interaction with others in the social sphere is vital. Thirdly, focus on honing specific skills is crucial. Fourthly, giving back to others by working on behalf of others helps transform one’s work into a passionate drive and fills it with meaning. Pursuing clarity provides a purposeful direction, aids in remaining on course, and serves as a motivation for high-performing individuals.

CEO Habits

CEO’s need to keep physically and mentally fit. Exercise increases brain function, a positive outlook leads to mental and emotional energy. High performing CEOs make routine exercise a habit and intentionally focus on the good while avoiding negative thinking. Anticipating positive events releases dopamine, making having a positive outlook a powerful tool for success.

Raising Necessity to Boost Performance

Raising stakes through external obligations and public accountability can help improve performance.

Imagine two runners at the starting line, both with similar track records and training. However, one of them is motivated by personal glory, while the other by an external obligation to win for their mother. Who is likely to win the race? The latter, according to the author’s third habit, raising necessity.

High performers bring an extra sense of urgency to their work through external obligations, increasing motivation and success rates. In contrast, underperformers rely solely on their own desires to succeed, resulting in lower success rates.

To put this habit into practice, set a high standard for yourself and attach your personal goal to an external obligation. Share your goals with others to create outside expectations and increase their importance. By doing so, you are more likely to work harder to achieve them.

The author shared his goal of creating an online personal development course with his friends and family. The external expectations of his closest social circle all-but guaranteed that he would meet his deadline. By raising the stakes, individuals can improve their performance and achieve greater success.

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