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Summary of: Hire with Your Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Teams
By: Lou Adler


Discover the secrets to successful hiring with Lou Adler’s ‘Hire with Your Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Teams.’ This book summary provides invaluable insights into common misconceptions, the importance of focusing on performance instead of skills, and maintaining objectivity throughout the hiring process. Learn how to create performance profiles that highlight specific tasks and set benchmarks for the ideal candidate. You’ll also discover how to create an efficient recruitment process and use performance-based interviews to reveal your candidate’s true abilities.

Attracting Top Candidates

To attract the best candidates for a position, hiring managers should be aware of common misconceptions about the hiring process. The interaction between the candidate and interviewer can sway the interviewer’s decision, leading them to focus more on skills than the ability to do the job. Recruiters should aim for objectivity and focus on the candidate’s motivation and capabilities. Waiting at least 30 minutes after an interview before making a decision can also help. Creating performance profiles is the real key to hiring based on performance, which ensures that the hiring process is objective and focused on the requirements of the job.

Hire Top Performers with Performance Profiles

Most people rely on job descriptions to hire employees, which results in average hires. Instead, create performance profiles that outline specific goals for the position to find top performers. A performance profile emphasizes specific tasks and turns job requirements into measurable objectives. Determine an ideal candidate benchmark for the best possible employee. Use tasks to assess candidates during interviews rather than job descriptions. The best candidates look for positions based on what they’ll learn and better themselves, not just their existing skills. Use performance profiles instead of job descriptions to hire the best people.

Efficient Recruitment Strategy

Develop a recruitment process that’s cost-effective, time-saving and efficient. The book encourages businesses to find the best candidates in a short period of time instead of spending resources on an entire department devoted to recruitment. Instead of using lackluster ads, they should strive to use a variety of interesting recruiting techniques such as a good career site and creative ads. The application forms should be user-friendly and auto-filling fields can be used to increase the application completion rate by 75%. The top candidates should be contacted within 24 hours to avoid losing them. It is important to treat the candidates like potential customers. The book emphasizes that the companies that win in recruitment have the most creative and aggressive recruitment programs.

Performance-Based Interviews

Employers should conduct performance-based interviews to determine a candidate’s ability to excel in the job, instead of using it as a tool to assess their fit for the company. A performance-based interview involves asking two key questions – “most significant accomplishment question” (MSA) and “how-would-you” question. The MSA question focuses on the candidate’s career accomplishments, their role, and the details of the project or task. A good answer on the MSA question gives you insight into a candidate’s leadership or work ethic. The “how-would-you” question asks the candidate to tackle a specific job-related problem, testing their ability to improvise and think critically. It shows how the candidate thinks and solves problems. The interviewer should clarify the facts during the interview and ask for as many details as possible to make an informed decision. Conducting performance-based interviews will provide relevant information to make an accurate hiring decision.

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