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Summary of: How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination
By: Sally Hogshead


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Sally Hogshead’s enlightening book, ‘How the World Sees You’. Learn about the importance of finding the right environment to showcase your unique talents and potential through intriguing stories and examples. Dive into the science of fascination and discover the secrets to optimizing your performance and building a strong personal brand. By understanding the seven fascination advantages and identifying which ones resonate with you, you will be better equipped to harness your strengths, find your niche, and achieve incredible success in your personal and professional life.

Finding the Right Environment for Success

The story of Joshua Bell highlights the importance of being in the right environment for success. Without proper recognition, talents go unnoticed. Simple indicators such as clients seeking you out and asking for your feedback show that you’re in the right environment. On the contrary, unreturned emails and attracting clients based on the lowest price are red flags that you’re not in the right place. The next part explores obstacles that can stand in the way of finding the right environment.

The 3 Key Elements to Get Your Book Published

Are you ready to publish your novel but not sure where to start? Here are three things you need to know to stand out from the competition and create a loyal fan base.

First, grab your audience’s attention right away, because today’s attention span is only nine seconds long. Create a memorable and captivating opening that will hook your reader and make them eager to read more.

Second, avoid trying to outperform everyone and create your own niche instead. Be unapologetically true to yourself and your unique set of skills, and attract readers who are looking for something different.

Finally, don’t be perceived as a commodity. Show your readers that you care about them by connecting with them personally and responding to their feedback. Create a loyal fan base by being someone special to them, not just a replaceable commodity. With these three elements in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful and published author.

Enter the State of Flow

Discover how fascination leads to a state of flow, where the brain performs more efficiently, and how this mindset can enhance your performance in any activity.

Do you have activities that fascinate you and make you forget the world around you? You may have experienced entering a state of flow, where you’re completely immersed in an activity, as defined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. And the stronger your fascination, the more likely you are to enter into this mental state.

Flow can happen during any activity, from solving a crossword puzzle to having a deep conversation with a friend. Neuroscientists have shown that being in a state of flow can improve your brain’s efficiency, leading to better results.

The brain activity of expert golfers and novices was compared as they imagined taking a swing. Experts were able to focus effortlessly and enter the state of flow, while novices struggled hard to focus and showed relatively high brain activity.

But, fascinating activities are unique to each individual’s personality traits. By finding your fascination, and entering the state of flow, your brain will perform efficiently, ultimately enhancing your performance in any activity. And the best part, fascination and flow are contagious and can be shared with those around you.

Discover Your Fascination Advantages

Unleashing the power of fascination advantages to achieve success.

Have you ever been rebuked as a child for exhibiting innate tendencies such as being bossy, cautious, or hyperactive? Surprisingly, these childhood traits can be the building blocks for your eventual strengths and can be harnessed as fascination advantages. The author presents seven fascination advantages, each with a unique ability to enhance your performance.

The conventional tendency amongst people is to be someone they are not, trying to fit into roles and jobs that are not suitable for them. By identifying one or two personal fascination advantages, individuals can determine the kind of work that fascinates them and aligns with their natural tendencies. It is a proven fact that excelling at work becomes easier when individuals work on what fascinates them.

Recognizing other people’s fascination advantages and personal traits is crucial for setting up productive teams. By doing so, you can allocate specific duties and responsibilities to each team member based on their strengths, thereby enhancing overall productivity. For instance, a detail-oriented individual can handle tasks that need meticulous attention, while a promoter can work his/her way into convincing others.

The power advantage, the first of seven fascination advantages, is characterized by confidence and proficiency in persuading others to one’s opinion. This trait is critical in roles such as CEO, which require challenging decisions and convincing others frequently. However, caution is needed while assigning too many individuals with this advantage to one team, as it may lead to unhealthy power struggles.

In conclusion, identifying and leveraging your fascination advantages can lead you to unprecedented success, provided you work on what fascinates you. This approach can help you work effectively with teams and assign tasks according to each member’s strengths, leading to enhanced productivity and thereby, success.

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