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Summary of: How to Think Like a Ceo: The 22 Vital Traits You Need to Be the Person at the Top
By: D.A. Benton


Embark on a journey to the top of the corporate ladder with D.A. Benton’s book ‘How to Think Like a CEO.’ This book summary provides valuable insight into the 22 essential traits you need to possess in order to solidify your way to success. Get ready to establish a strong foundation as you learn from examining the characteristics of top CEOs. With a focus on personal security, attitude control, tenacity, continuous improvement, honesty, strategic communication, originality, and modesty, you’ll be well-equipped to become the leader of your own destiny. Open your mind to the possibility of growth as you venture through core facets of achievement, communication skills, and adaptability.

Climbing the Corporate Mountain

Climbing the corporate ladder is like climbing a mountain, requiring specific qualities as equipment to reach the top. To start, establishing a firm footing and learning the ropes are essential, allowing for progress despite difficulties to ultimately take the lead. According to the author, thinking like a CEO before becoming one increases the chances of success. The CEO’s traits play a vital role in making an organization successful, so it is best to work under a near-perfect chief to understand and imitate their qualities. Continual self-improvement in these traits can help one advance in their career and inch closer to being a top CEO.

Essential Qualities of Near-Perfect CEOs

What sets near-perfect CEOs apart from the rest? The eight fundamental qualities shared by top CEOs include: self-assurance, attitude control, tenacity, continuous improvement, honesty and ethics, careful speech, originality, and modesty. Near-perfect CEOs need to be confident, secure in themselves, and inspire others with confidence. In addition, they need to control their attitudes, staying optimistic and in charge, even in tough situations. Top CEOs persevere, knowing when to push forward and when to cut losses when needed. They also continually seek to learn and improve, emulating effective leaders and acquiring new skills. Honesty and ethics are vital aspects of their character, while careful consideration of words and original ideas enable them to find innovative solutions to problems. Finally, successful CEOs remain modest, avoiding arrogance and focusing on their contributions to the company.

Vital Traits for Climbing to the Top

Climbing to the top requires more than just hard work and perseverance. In the book, the author shares five vital traits that will help individuals enjoy their climb to the top. Firstly, it is crucial to be aware of one’s style and use it appropriately. Effective styles include being decisive, candid, or collaborative. Secondly, being a little wild and gutsy is necessary to take calculated risks without being reckless. Thirdly, humor is essential to keeping work fun while still being serious about consequences, behavior, and values. Fourthly, a little bit of theatrical expression can make a message more powerful and help individuals present themselves confidently. Finally, being detail-oriented and paying attention to details helps individuals stay accurate and honest, avoiding cover-ups and mistakes. By incorporating these vital traits, individuals can climb to the top with authenticity and enjoyment.

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