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Summary of: Idea to Execution: How to Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Everything in Your Business
By: Ari Meisel


Embark on a journey into the world of rapid business growth and efficiency with Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg’s book ‘Idea to Execution: How to Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Everything in Your Business.’ Discover how the authors started and grew their own virtual assistants company, Less Doing Virtual Assistants, in just 24 hours. Watch as they tackle the hurdles of entrepreneurship and learn innovative techniques like the use of the Kaizen method for continuous improvement. Get inspired as you explore Ari and Nick’s quick thinking and effective decision-making in seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges.

Starting a Successful Company in 24 Hours

In their book, authors Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg share how they started a virtual assistant company, Less Doing Virtual Assistants, in just 24 hours. The authors emphasize the idea of seizing an opportunity instead of years of careful planning. They were able to act quickly because of the closure of Zirtual, a US-based virtual assistant firm, which left over 2,500 clients and 400 assistants without a job. Ari and Nick saw this as an opportunity and reacted immediately. They made a quick sketch of their virtual assistant business, secured their first clients and assistants from the fallout, and relied on free online tools and apps as infrastructure. Within 24 hours, their company was up and running, and it was scalable and profitable from day one. The authors further share how they dealt with challenges as their company continued to grow throughout the year. Overall, their story serves as an inspirational guide for aspiring entrepreneurs on the importance of seizing opportunities.

Zirtual – A New Model for Virtual Assistance

Zirtual offers a new model for virtual assistance that matches a client’s specific needs with the skills of an assistant through one channel.

Ari and Nick, the founders of Zirtual, recognized the flaws within other virtual assistant companies. They knew their start-up could address these problems more effectively. On-demand assistants only work on simple one-time assignments, and dedicated assistants become overwhelmed with a wide range of tasks for a single client.

Zirtual’s model delegates all of the client’s needs to a dedicated virtual assistant. However, this model brings up the concern that the virtual assistant may not possess the necessary skills to handle all assigned tasks. Ari and Nick seized the opportunity to create a new model that matches a client’s needs with an assistant uniquely qualified for the task.

Their business acumen uncovered the need for a one-stop solution for hiring virtual assistants. They paired clients with a team of assistants that remained small enough to remain personal but large enough to ensure every client request had a uniquely qualified person.

Zirtual’s model provided each client with a manager as a point of contact, ensuring personal touches and maximum efficiency. By addressing both issues with one solution, Ari and Nick created a better service that effectively fills the gaps in the virtual assistance industry.

Software Tools for Start-Up Success

Discover how a new business can operate and flourish using free and easy-to-use software tools. Learn how two entrepreneurs utilized Trello, a management program, in innovative ways to fulfill the basic operational needs of their start-up. To ensure premium services, they committed to paying their employees two to six times the going rate for requested services and charged clients four to eight times more than other virtual assistant companies. Learn about the time-saving services they provided to their clients, exemplifying the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Efficient Strategies for Hiring Top-Notch Virtual Assistants

Applying for jobs and hiring employees is a daunting task, even for start-ups. To achieve optimal results with minimal effort, companies need to have a thoughtful and efficient strategy in place. Ari and Nick developed a two-step process to filter out inadequate candidates. They created two email addresses: and Candidates would apply to, receive an automatic reply detailing the position and then upload a two-minute YouTube video pitch and send the link to This alone eliminated 80 percent of candidates who failed to follow instructions or produced poor-quality videos. The next step was identifying proactive candidates with a winning attitude. Successful virtual assistants must be excellent problem solvers and proficient in seizing opportunities. The value of attention to detail and commitment to customer service was emphasized, and an example of this ideal type was demonstrated through the assistant’s plan of sending a bottle of whiskey to a client. A proactive worker is the key to success in any business, and it’s essential to adopt efficient strategies to hire them.

Less Doing’s Networking Success

Ari and Nick’s unplanned presentation at a Genius Network event led to astonishing success. They shared their start-up’s approaches to tracking and outsourcing tasks, keeping the audience alert for over three hours. The workshop enabled them to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities, expanding their company’s clientele. To handle this surge of new clients, Nick developed a custom-coded dashboard providing an overview of every client. The dashboard helped target areas that demand focus to maintain the company’s swift growth.

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