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Summary of: Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact
By: Liz Wiseman


Embark on a journey to discover what makes Impact Players tick and how they bring immense value to organizations in Liz Wiseman’s book, ‘Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact’. By studying their mental game, you will learn their secret to setting the stage for growth and creativity. Devour valuable pro-tips on how to expand your focus, take on leadership roles without waiting for permission, and build resilience and grit to tackle problems head-on. Understand the power of closing the feedback loop with your mentors, and learn how Impact Players lighten everyone’s load.

The Power of Impact Players

Impact Players are game-changers who go beyond just fulfilling their job duties; they identify where they can add value and rise to the challenge. Unlike contributors who have a Contributor Mindset and lose focus when faced with a problem, Impact Players embrace challenges as opportunities. The key to their success lies in their mental game, their ability to think differently and radically oppose the norm. Liz Wiseman, the author of the book, highlights how Impact Players can transform workplaces by bringing their A-game and creating a culture of growth and creativity. The story of Monica Padman, a professional actor turned podcast host, is an example of the Impact Player mindset at work. By offering babysitting services to Kristen Bell, she sparked a friendship which led to her current success. If you want to increase your impact, learn from the Impact Player approach and focus on identifying how you can contribute beyond your job description.

Finding Your W.I.N.

Organizations value employees who are observant and seek to contribute beyond their assigned work. To be an effective contributor, identify your W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) and find an opportunity to utilize your skills to contribute towards your organization’s top priorities. Communicate your plan to your boss or stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page. Being proactive and taking initiative in problem-solving will make you an impact player in any organization.

Betty Williams: From Ordinary Citizen to Impact Player

Betty Williams, a Belfast office worker and mother, led a movement of women for peace during the Northern Ireland conflict known as the Troubles. Her Women for Peace movement helped to reduce violence in her hometown and brought attention to peace-building. Betty’s story embodies the qualities of an Impact Player, someone who takes the initiative to lead, collaborates with others, and takes charge of everyday problems. To become an Impact Player, one doesn’t have to wait for permission, but rather, look for opportunities to lead and fill the leadership vacuum. By identifying and solving ambient problems, even small inefficiencies, one can have a significant impact. To finish strong and lead effectively, one must continue to build on their progress.

Resilience and Grit: The Characteristics of Impact Players

Impact Players are like special agents who lead themselves towards their goals with resilience and grit. They possess a problem-solving mindset and work hard to overcome obstacles that come their way. These individuals do not escalate problems but instead use their resilience and grit to find solutions. Parth Vaishnav, a principal software engineer at Salesforce, is an example of someone who exhibits these characteristics. He demonstrated resilience and grit when he faced a crucial coding error that put millions of hours of engineering work on pause. Vaishnav gathered a team of software architects, tested and approved the fix, convinced another product group to take ownership of the framework, and eliminated the problem permanently. Impact Players finish strong by asking for input, rallying help, and getting feedback.

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