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Summary of: Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams
By: Jeff Walker


In ‘Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams,’ author Jeff Walker provides an effective formula for success in the world of online marketing. The book shows readers how to efficiently leverage the internet and engage with potential customers to launch a product or service. It emphasizes the importance of moving away from ‘hope marketing’ and focusing on controlling the probability of success. The book also explores time-tested marketing strategies, such as mental triggers, sequences, and storytelling techniques to engage and energize potential customers, culminating in the widely acclaimed Product Launch Formula.

Escaping Hope Marketing

Don’t rely on hope marketing to start a successful business. Engage with potential customers to control your chances of succeeding. Use the power of the internet to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Are you tired of pouring your heart, soul, and finances into a business idea only to find that it’s not as popular as you thought? The problem may lie in hope marketing – making a product or service available and simply hoping it will sell. To avoid this pitfall, you need to engage with potential customers and actively control your chances of success.

Fortunately, the internet provides the perfect tools to connect with your prospects. Gone are the days of waiting weeks or months for feedback. With email, you can receive feedback in a matter of minutes and use it to improve your idea. Speed also means a massive reduction in costs, as sending an email or publishing marketing articles can now cost you nothing.

However, engaging with prospects is only the first step. You need to use the internet wisely to turn feedback into profits. By segmenting your audience and targeting their specific needs, you can create a marketing strategy that works.

The bottom line is that hope is not a strategy for building a successful business. Use the power of the internet to discover what works and what doesn’t. Control your chances of success by engaging with your prospects, and use their feedback to shape your business and marketing strategy.

Mental Triggers in Marketing

The effectiveness of using mental triggers in marketing has stood the test of time. The brain tends to take shortcuts when making decisions and can be influenced by certain triggers. Incorporating these triggers into marketing increases the chances of grabbing people’s attention. Authority is a great trigger, as people tend to accept the viewpoints of authoritative figures. Incorporating relevant qualifications or listing famous clients could increase trust in your product. Scarcity is another trigger, as people assign greater value to scarce products. Suggesting a product’s price will rise imminently is a surefire way to generate interest. By using mental triggers, businesses can create an effective and compelling marketing strategy.

Standing Out with Marketing Sequences and Stories

In a world of competing products, effective marketing is key to standing out. Using sequences of different tactics over time and telling a powerful story are two proven strategies for generating excitement and interest. The benefits of sequences are illustrated by the success of the Harry Potter series, where anticipation and excitement for the final book were built up over time. Meanwhile, using stories is essential as everyone loves a good story which can capture the attention of potential customers. By designing a marketing strategy that utilizes both sequences and stories, you can effectively captivate and convince potential customers of the superiority of your product.

Building a Successful Business with the Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker emphasizes the importance of building a strong mailing list to attain loyal and responsive customers. The author also introduces the concept of the squeeze page and provides insights on how to create a successful one.

The Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker is a guide that teaches entrepreneurs how to effectively use the internet to boost their businesses. According to the author, the first step to a successful business is creating a strong mailing list, comprising of loyal and responsive customers. He emphasizes that even a small list with a high percentage of open rates is more valuable than a large list with a low percentage of open rates.

To build a strong list, the author suggests creating a squeeze page, a type of landing page that offers prospects something valuable in exchange for their contact details. However, not all squeeze pages are successful. The author advises that the free gift you offer should be relevant to your business and compelling enough to attract your target audience.

The author’s personal experience highlights the power of having a strong mailing list. He was able to raise funds quickly by offering his subscribers a new product. The concept of the Product Launch Formula is further explored in the following summary parts. The key takeaway is that having a strong mailing list and a successful squeeze page is essential to building a successful business.

Pique Interest with Pre-prelaunch

The effectiveness of pre-prelaunch for product or service launch has been compared to firing a shot across the bow of an unfamiliar vessel in the 18th century naval warfare. The primary aim of pre-prelaunch, which is to capture the attention of potential customers, is achieved by creating anticipation and excitement about the upcoming product or service. The strategy involves seeking feedback from those on the pre-launch list in an 80-word email without directly appearing to sell anything. The author asserts that following this strategy leads to a 95% success rate.

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