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Summary of: Legendary Service: The Key is to Care
By: Kenneth H. Blanchard


Discover the secret of legendary service in the book summary of ‘Legendary Service: The Key is to Care’ by Kenneth H. Blanchard. Learn how to create a powerful service strategy by genuinely caring about your customers’ needs and building strong relationships with both internal and external customers. Uncover the two types of relationships that contribute to excellent customer service experiences and the importance of maintaining consistency. Dive into the ICARE model to transform your business to foster a culture of service and use different techniques to achieve ideal service, implement a culture of service, be attentive to your customers, and empower your employees.

Legendary Service: The Key to Business Success

Good customer service is not only about instructing your staff to be friendly, but also about genuinely caring for your customers’ needs. This requires a service strategy that builds relationships, both with employees and external customers. Legendary service, at its core, fosters these relationships and promotes business success.

To achieve legendary service, managers must create a motivating environment that values employee satisfaction. This positive attitude will be reflected in interactions with external customers. Neglecting service and allowing bad service to become the norm can have dire consequences for a business.

The ICARE model is a useful tool for cultivating legendary service. It emphasizes empathy, clear communication, attention to detail, taking responsibility, and going above and beyond to address customer needs. By adopting this model, businesses can avoid frustrating scenarios that lead to decreased employee satisfaction and lost customers.

Achieving Ideal Customer Service

How to deliver ideal customer service using the ICARE model? Companies need to define what ideal service would be for them. The ICARE model’s first step is “I,” which stands for ideal service. Companies must convince customers that they care about their needs and concerns and make them feel special. Offering ideal service can have an immediate effect on customer experience, as exemplified in Kelsey’s story.

Creating a Culture of Ideal Service

To maximize the benefit of ideal service, it is crucial to communicate such service to every employee in a company and create a culture of service. This means nurturing an environment that prioritizes customers’ needs and values. An effective culture of service should have a unique vision and specific values that align with a company’s overall mission. To ensure every employee understands the service approach, specific training should be given along with goal-setting and metrics tracked to assess progress. To establish a culture of service, Kelsey learned from an example of a clinic she visited with her grandmother that embraced its vision of “treating patients as family and nurturing them back to health.”

Attentiveness is Key

To deliver excellent customer service, it’s essential to practice attentiveness by getting to know your customers and what they want. By dividing your customers into smaller groups and collecting information, you can create specific customer profiles that will help you deliver better service. Treating your customers as they expect to be treated is vital because even a single bad experience can destroy the entire relationship. The key to keeping your regular customers coming back is attentiveness, as demonstrated by the bartender who remembers his customers’ preferences and listens to their complaints, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated.

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