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Summary of: Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier
By: Ari Meisel


Embark on a journey to improve your productivity and make your life easier with the book ‘Less Doing, More Living’ by Ari Meisel. This summary is designed specifically for the users of our mobile book summary app, intending to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience. Key themes include the 80-20 rule, tracking your work and health, optimizing your daily routine, utilizing virtual assistants, embracing 3D printing and customization, owning your work-week, outsourcing errands, managing your finances, setting limits, batching tasks, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Optimize Your Life

The 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of what you achieve results from 20 percent of your time and effort. To focus better on that essential 20 percent, start tracking your time and tasks. Resources like RescueTime can monitor the time you spend on your computer and help you prioritize your work better. For tracking your health, an old-school paper journal and a pedometer can help you keep track of your daily activities. Once you have tracked your life, optimize your processes, and approach every task with minimal fuss and in as few steps as possible for the best results.

Get Your Own Virtual Assistant and Extra Brain

Learn how Evernote and virtual assistants can help manage and organize your tasks and thoughts, just like an extra brain.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep track of all the information and tasks you need to remember on a daily basis? Most of us like to believe we are great multitaskers with impressive memories, but the truth is we all need an extra brain to handle the workload. The good news is, this is not impossible. There are several new tools available to help you manage and organize your thoughts, tasks, and ideas.

One such tool is Evernote, a free app that allows you to take different kinds of notes, whether they be textual, pictorial, hand-drawn, or web-based. In fact, Evernote is so effective at organizing information that it has been shown to mimic the way the human brain works by linking similar thoughts together into complex, interconnected networks. So with Evernote, you can consider it as a backup of your brain, providing you with an easy-to-reach database of all your notes and ideas.

In addition to Evernote, hiring a virtual assistant can also help take the workload off your mind. Virtual assistants can help delegate tasks online, and there are two kinds to choose from: on-demand or dedicated assistants. On-demand assistants come as a pool of assistants where you can request assistance as needed, while dedicated assistants work more closely with you and handle all your tasks personally. For as little as $25 per month, you can sign up for Fancy Hands and receive help with up to five tasks, or for a couple of hundred dollars a month, you can get a dedicated assistant through Chatterboss.

By using these tools, you can free up your brainspace and avoid the stress of keeping track of everything on your own. With an extra brain and virtual assistant, managing your tasks and thoughts has never been easier.

Customization: The Key to Saving Time and Money

Building customized products can be an expensive and time-consuming project. However, 3D printing has made it easier and less expensive to create personalized items. Shapeways is an example of a site that allows the user to upload a 3D model, and they print it for them. Creating personalized products also has the potential to earn money, as demonstrated by the Shapeways ecommerce platform. Customization can also save time, as seen with Vitamins on Demand, which organizes daily medications into separate packs. Indochino is another company that offers tailored suits and guides one through the measuring process, resulting in a suit that fits just right. By taking advantage of customization, individuals can save time and money.

Own Your Workweek

When we think about our workweek, we often follow a traditional routine without realizing that we have the freedom to customize it. In his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss emphasizes that owning your workweek involves understanding your best working hours, minimizing external interruptions, and streamlining meetings. By identifying your most effective working hours, you can maximize your productivity and focus. Additionally, it is crucial to pinpoint what external factors are hindering your progress and minimize them. For instance, reducing the window for interaction with clients will not only make your day more efficient but also encourage them to be more efficient. Lastly, cutting down on the number of emails exchanged to schedule meetings will save time and energy. Applications such as Calendly can significantly improve the process by allowing you to schedule meetings quickly and efficiently. By taking ownership of your workweek, you can be more productive and achieve your goals without sacrificing your well-being.

Productivity Boost: Killing Errands

Running errands can take up a significant portion of our day, but outsourcing and online delivery services can help save time. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save offers monthly deliveries of basic necessities, while outsourcing tasks to platforms like TaskRabbit can help with unforeseeable errands. With these services, we can focus on more important tasks and improve productivity.

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