Mentored by a Millionaire | Steven K. Scott

Summary of: Mentored by a Millionaire: Master Strategies of Super Achievers
By: Steven K. Scott


In the book ‘Mentored by a Millionaire: Master Strategies of Super Achievers,’ author Steven K. Scott demonstrates how super achievers think and act differently from the rest, using unconventional approaches to accomplish their goals. This book summary explores the concept of mentorship as an important catalyst for success, the 15 vital strategies employed by super achievers, and the impact it has on reaching one’s dreams. Readers can anticipate invaluable insights about the power of mentorship and how using these strategies can make a difference in their lives and careers.

The Secret to Being a Super Achiever

The book reveals that people who achieve extraordinary success are not conventional thinkers but unconventional ones that think and act differently. They fall into a category called “super achievers.” These achievers follow unconventional approaches to reach their desired goals regardless of their backgrounds, education, or economic status. Some people follow the “fast way,” which involves getting mentorship from established professionals. Others follow the “slow way” by trying, failing, and learning through the process. The book outlines four archetypes that people striving upward may fall into: “drifters,” “pursuers,” “achievers,” and “super achievers.” However, only the “super achievers” bring a tremendous amount of fulfillment and benefit to their lives and the lives of others.

The book emphasizes the importance of having a mentor for achieving extraordinary success. Mentors are instrumental in providing the meaning behind the information a person needs to learn and also coaching. Finding the right mentor can be challenging, but the book offers suggestions such as looking up to someone who is successful and checking their authenticity, academic credentials, reputation, and achievements.

Overall, the book encourages readers to adopt unconventional thinking, think and act beyond boundaries, and aim for the moon. It concludes that achieving extraordinary success requires not only hard work but also a different mindset.

15 Strategies for Extraordinary Success

The book provides essential strategies for achieving extraordinary success, supportive of a positive personality, perseverance, and passion. The author emphasizes the need to control and direct your life using proven techniques, such as reprogramming your mind, playing to your strengths, seeking out partners, and overcoming fears of failure and criticism. The author contends that adopting these strategies provides the pathway to achieving higher success and experiencing personal growth and fulfillment.

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