Necessary Endings | Henry Cloud

Summary of: Necessary Endings
By: Henry Cloud


In the book ‘Necessary Endings’, Henry Cloud elucidates the importance of accepting and embracing endings in both professional and personal settings. The summary highlights how endings are an integral part of our growth and eventual success at various aspects of life. From business ventures to friendships and habits, endings allow us to move forward and achieve our goals. The book also guides readers through determining when an ending is appropriate, how to normalize the concept, and approaches to effectively execute decisions of ending relationships or ventures.

The Importance of Endings

Endings may seem saddening or frustrating, but they serve a purpose in both professional and personal settings. Whether it’s letting go of a business venture, fashion trend, unsupportive relationship or even a harmful habit, endings allow us to move on and thrive. Embracing endings helps us achieve our long-standing objectives and reach our goals. Without them, we would be stuck in situations that are no longer beneficial, hindering our growth and potential for success. So, instead of fearing endings, we should welcome them as a necessary and beneficial aspect of life.

Prune for Progress

Just like a gardener prunes to ensure healthy buds, cutting off negative relationships, paring unproductive business initiatives, and normalizing endings can lead to progress and success. Jack Welch’s decision to prune resulted in a market value skyrocket from $14 billion to $410 billion. Normalizing endings can lead to better decision-making in life, just like Blair who made the tough call to fold his business and pursue a second successful career in investment. The question is, what’s worth fighting for?

Indicators of Success

Knowing when an ending is necessary can be daunting. However, two key indicators can guide you in making successful decisions, focusing on past actions and the trustworthiness of individuals. To achieve straightforward futures, analyzing the past can point towards future behaviors. The author suggests that looking at tax returns and credit reports can reveal a candidate’s commitment and responsibility. Trustworthiness of individuals is another critical factor for success. For example, if you run a comedy club, a bad performance from a novice might affect ticket sales and damage your reputation. Professional comedians, on the other hand, are safer and more dependable. Ultimately, the success of a business, partnership, or relationship is contingent on individuals. Therefore, it’s essential to scrutinize their qualities and actions carefully before entrusting them with critical tasks. If you want to know what the future holds, don’t overlook these indicators of success.

The Importance of Urgency in Making Endings

Endings can be challenging since they involve change, and most people usually only make changes when necessary. Author, Seth Godin, highlights the importance of urgency in creating the motivation required to transition to something new. He suggests that being driven by a sense of urgency is more effective, and this could be in the form of escaping an unpleasant situation or reaching a better place. Godin uses a chair-selling business example to illustrate how urgency can prompt action towards a positive change. To use urgency properly, it’s crucial to be honest about the current situation and imagine the future realistically. This sense of dissatisfaction should create the urgency required to make an ending and move onto the next chapter. Urgency can help push people to avoid ending up in the same scenario in the future. The exercise of visualizing a future in the current setting can help people realize what they must change and what steps they need to take towards progress.

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