Never Lose a Customer Again | Joey Coleman

Summary of: Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days
By: Joey Coleman


In the book ‘Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days’ by Joey Coleman, the significance of customer experience is emphasized. Readers will learn how a simple visit to a dentist influenced the author’s perception of customer service and loyalty. The book outlines how to gain and retain customers by excelling in customer service, recognizing the difference between customer service and customer experience, and understanding the three phases of customer experience. Developing strong, emotional attachments to clients by creating an exceptional customer experience is key to building a lasting relationship with them.

Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Joey Coleman, in his book, shares a story of an exceptional customer service experience he had at a dental office. He was a new patient who had an emergency, and the receptionist gave him priority and facilitated the whole process, making him feel valued. The customer service experience continued during and after the treatment, with a call from the receptionist checking on him and giving him the dentist’s personal phone number. Such exceptional customer service made Coleman feel like an important customer, turning him into a loyal client. Readers can learn practical methods to attract and retain clients by emulating the dental office’s excellence in customer service.

The Cost of Neglecting Customer Retention

Businesses tend to focus more on acquiring new customers and overlook the significance of retaining existing ones. Shockingly, between 20 and 70 percent of new customers leave within three months of acquisition, regardless of industry or company size. Companies invest heavily in acquiring new customers, but neglecting customer experience decreases retention rates. This leads to frustrated and upset customers who often end up taking their business elsewhere. Ignoring the emotions and behaviors of customers can be costly and damaging to any business.

Flawed Customer Experience

When businesses prioritize sales and marketing over customer service, it leads to a flawed customer experience. Often, the sales and marketing teams woo the client and pass them on to a customer service representative who is unaware of the information shared before. This causes frustration for the clients, making them repeat themselves. Customer-service representatives are measured by how fast they can conclude a call, which emphasizes speed over resolving clients’ problems. The post-sales customer care is not considered important compared to sales and marketing. Majority of company leaders emerge from sales and marketing, and hence prioritize customer acquisition efforts more.

Creating a Valuable Customer Experience

Many CEOs talk about customer experience, but lose around 20% of customers each year. Customer service and customer experience are not the same thing; the former is reactive, while the latter is proactive. Every business should aim to create an experience that exceeds expectations and fosters emotional attachment to the brand. However, most companies lack a process for accurately measuring customer experience, leading to poor customer retention rates. By optimizing the stages of the customer experience, businesses can improve their retention rates and increase customer loyalty.

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