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Summary of: Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.
By: Larry Kendall


Embark on a journey to revolutionize your sales technique with Larry Kendall’s ‘Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.’ This book summary provides an insightful look into the Ninja Selling System, offering an ethical, non-manipulative method to maximize sales and deliver exceptional value to the client. Learn how to be a stealth warrior in the world of sales by focusing on the subtleties of building relationships and understanding the needs and wants of clients. Discover specific traits, strategies, and daily habits that characterize the Ninja Selling System. Apply these techniques to transform your sales approach, while keeping your integrity intact and providing the ultimate experience for your clients.

The Power of Ethical Selling

Larry Kendall’s book, Ninja Selling, recounts his journey from attending a manipulative sales rally to creating a popular ethical selling system. Kendall believes that customers want to work with someone who has both deep smarts and street smarts. He emphasizes the importance of aligning your expertise with your character and ethics. The success of The Group, his real estate firm with 200 sales associates and six offices in northern Colorado, is due to the Ninja Selling System. This ethical selling approach has graduated over 50,000 real estate salespeople. Ninja Selling offers a powerful alternative to manipulative sales techniques.

The Ninja Selling System

In ancient Japan, samurai swordsmen grew lazy due to their lavish perks, causing the emperor to train gardeners in the martial arts to protect him instead. These gardeners, known as “ninjas,” became humble and efficient fighters. The Ninja Selling System is similarly focused on the buyer, delivering maximum value without being pushy or aggressive. It’s a documented, approachable approach that anyone can use, offering predictable results for salespeople in any industry. With the Ninja Selling System, anyone can achieve maximum sales and financial success, regardless of their personality type or gender.

Overcoming Buyer Fears with Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling introduces the concept of “green light selling” for real estate agents. To gain a buyer’s trust and secure a sale, agents must address four primary fears: the fear of losing the home, fear of missing something, fear of overpaying, and fear of something being wrong with the property. Agents must aim to serve and solve their clients’ needs and wants by helping them move past these fears. By providing assurance and support, agents can establish a trusting relationship with their clients, leading to successful home sales.

Selling with the Ninja Protocol

Discover the ninja sales protocol and turn potential buyers into real ones effortlessly.

Selling a home may seem like a daunting process with a potential for lengthy negotiations and missed opportunities. In “Ninja Selling,” authors Larry Kendall and Garrett Freeman introduce the concept of Ninja Selling, a protocol that takes the fear out of home buying and makes the process seamless for both buyers and sellers.

The Ninja Selling protocol involves a series of steps that turn potential buyers into real ones without the typical stress and anxiety associated with selling a home. The protocol begins with the “Greeting” process, where buyers are treated with kindness and respect, and their search for a dream home is approached with enthusiasm.

Next, the “Meeting” process is implemented. This process suggests that initial meetings with potential buyers should not take place in the same area where they were initially welcomed. This helps to eliminate the bad energy that new buyers often carry, resulting in a productive dialogue.

The “Buyer Interview” process is a key aspect of Ninja Selling. In this step, specific questions are asked to determine what it is that the buyer truly wants in their new home. A “Buyer Packet” is also provided to convey professional competence and includes various documents such as maps, a mortgage application, and a company brochure.

The “Funnel Process” is a unique approach that many Ninja Salespeople use, making home buyers feel comfortable that they are not missing out on better properties. This process starts by putting all potential properties in the “funnel” and then slowly narrowing it down to meet specific criteria. The “Scale of 1 to 10” process is also used to better understand the buyer’s progress in the home-buying journey.

The “Dream Home Exercise” is where buyers are encouraged to picture their ideal property and make a list of must-have attributes. Finally, the “Cash or Loan” conversation is held after the buyer’s preferences are established, making the financial component of the transaction less daunting.

The Ninja Selling process wraps up with the “What Happens Next” step, where buyers review the market, local conditions, and negotiable terms necessary to secure their dream home.

In conclusion, the Ninja Sales Protocol is a groundbreaking process that makes selling a home more manageable for both buyers and sellers. By following this process, the anxiety and complexities of selling a home are eliminated, and everyone benefits from a more streamlined and satisfying transaction.

Mastering Yourself with Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling is an approach that teaches you how to control your thoughts, feelings, and personal energy to achieve your goals. To be a successful real estate broker, or in any other sales capacity, you must master yourself. This involves focusing your energy positively and programming yourself to do well. Building a positive mental state is essential, and one way to achieve this is through daily affirmations. Affirmations are like mental push-ups that positively re-program your mind. Additionally, being positive in your thinking and actions can increase your buyers’ enthusiasm. Ninja Selling is also about asking the right questions to determine the customer’s pain and pleasure and offering a solution. Your database is the most important business asset you have, representing your relationships. Finally, to maintain a positive emotional state, turn to activities like music, nature walks, exercise, and reading material, and always be grateful for what you have. Achieving excellence requires mastering yourself first.

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