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Summary of: Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity
By: Erica Schultz


Welcome to the captivating summary of ‘Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity’, written by Erica Schultz. Through this gripping account, the author shares her and her husband’s journey as they struggle with their son Ari’s life-threatening heart condition, and how they manage to keep their business afloat amidst this turmoil. By exploring how challenges in their personal life translated into invaluable lessons in productivity and time management, this book provides an invaluable blueprint for readers to unlock their own Extreme Productivity and lead to a more successful and fulfilling life.

Lessons from Adversity

Mike and Erica Schultz learned how to increase productivity during their toughest days at the hospital with their son, Ari. Their journey began when Ari was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare heart defect. Despite numerous surgeries and a year in hospital care, the couple ran their business and expanded into nine international offices. They also surveyed thousands of professionals and identified a group they called the Extremely Productive or the XP, who had different work habits that allowed them to get more done. The XP’s habits are simple and can be learned by anyone. This book offers an insight into the Schultz’s story and the productivity hacks they learned from their experience.

Time Management Tips

Mike and Erica developed a unique way of looking at time when their child’s life was at risk, which involved categorizing their day into Treasured, Investment, Mandatory, and Empty time. Treasured time was spent on what they valued most, Investment time was spent on tasks that brought returns, Mandatory time was minimized, and Empty time was cut back. Extremely productive people manage their time better; by breaking down their time into these categories, they can prioritize their activities effectively. The authors believe that maximizing Treasured and Investment Time while minimizing Mandatory and Empty time is easy if one develops nine habits.

Motivate Yourself to Be Driven

In the book, “Productivity Code,” the authors stress the importance of recruiting your drive as the first of the nine habits to be more productive. To do this, you need to set a goal that motivates you, break it down into manageable chunks, and tie it to a sense of purpose. The authors illustrate this point by sharing their experience of setting up a charity fundraiser, even when faced with the possibility of canceling due to their son’s illness. They realized that having a sense of purpose or a “why” is key to being productive. Therefore, it’s crucial to write your goals down, break them down into smaller units of time, and understand their meaning to you. By doing so, you will find the motivation you need to drive yourself forward and be productive.

Changing Daily Routine For Better Productivity

In “The Productivity Code,” the author shares the story of Ari’s hospital routine and how changing it positively impacted his mood and day. Prioritizing important activities and reengineering habits are two of the Habits in the “Productivity Code” that help structure individual days for greater success and productivity. By investing time in the Greatest Impact Activity (GIA) and upgrading unproductive habits, one can achieve success and reach their full potential. It’s essential to change your environment and remove distractions to stay focused and motivated. Time management is crucial in turbo-boosting your productivity, so it’s important to structure your daily calendar with investment time activities to help you make the most of every day.

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