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Summary of: Persuasive Business Proposals: Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts
By: Tom Sant


In ‘Persuasive Business Proposals: Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts’, Tom Sant explores the critical role proposals play in today’s business landscape. Throughout this summary, readers will learn about the importance of crafting customized, convincing, and formal proposals that are diligently followed up, as well as the various factors that necessitate high-quality proposals in our modern business environment. Readers will be provided with valuable insights and guidelines on how to create successful proposals, which focus on understanding and solving clients’ problems, standing out from competitors, and building credibility to win contracts. By the end, readers will walk away with an understanding of how to create persuasive and effective proposals that can contribute to the growth of their businesses.

Winning Proposals

To grow your business, creating winning proposals is vital. Writing effective, customized, formal and followed up proposals is key to success. In recent times, writing proposals has become so crucial that some companies dedicate positions exclusively for this function. Federal procurement procedures have become more complex, sophisticated and competitive. As technology advances and prospects can select among various bidders, vendors must effectively showcase their unique offerings and prices. Today, teams make buying decisions by analyzing proposals’ different angles, assessing their overall impact, productivity, investment, and budget for hidden costs. Therefore, it is necessary to devote expertise, energy, and talent to write high-quality proposals to win against the increased competition and complex business environment.

Proposal Writing Tips

A survey reveals that 95% of people loathe writing proposals, leading some to edit old proposals. However, this approach can result in an irrelevant and full-of-error proposal. To avoid this, focus on the client’s pain in your writing to get their attention and gain their commitment. A company president learned this after citing Oracle in a proposal submitted to Microsoft which made the Microsoft reviewer angry.

Winning Proposals

Winning proposals require more than canned phrases and technical jargon. To be successful, proposals must focus on the client’s problems, demonstrate your unique value proposition, and use persuasive language. Avoid common mistakes like using a script and being sloppy in your communication. Remember, one misstep can cost you years of business. Follow these guidelines to produce a successful proposal that will motivate prospects to select your product and solve their problems at a good price. As Cicero said, to persuade, you must use the prospect’s words, thoughts, and feelings.

Writing a Winning Proposal

Focus on your client’s perspective to craft a concise proposal. Evaluators tend to prefer shorter proposals. To achieve success, understand how your client defines and proposes to solve a problem. Be sure to highlight how your solution will help achieve their goals and address their urgency. Provide a personalized experience – avoid using boilerplate text, present unique solutions and respect their requests. Be proactive, explore alternative solutions and highlight how your proposal stands out.

Winning Clients with Credibility

To win projects, credibility is key in establishing trust with clients. There are four steps to assuring clients that you possess the necessary credibility: display your understanding of their problem, recommend solutions, provide evidence of your experience and resources, and explain why your organization is the best position to solve their problem. Examples, reliability data, and statistics demonstrating your ability to save customers money and serve their needs are essential components to building credibility and ultimately earning clients’ trust.

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