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Summary of: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
By: Michael Hyatt


Imagine you’ve created an amazing product, but no one knows about it. How can you make it stand out in today’s fast-paced world? ‘Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World’ by Michael Hyatt offers a solution – build a platform. This book summary will take you through the importance of creating a compelling product, designing an engaging website, and leveraging social media to enhance your online presence. It also discusses the value of consistency, communication, and forming connections with your audience. As you read, you’ll learn key insights and practical advice from Hyatt’s journey to becoming an influential blogger with a widespread audience.

The Art of Creating Compelling Products

The key to successful products is crafting a compelling product that people fall in love with and share with friends. Apple’s success stems from its focus on few products at a time, ensuring optimum design, and creating a wow experience.

When it comes to creating successful products, one question that remains unanswered for many businesses is the secret ingredient. The answer lies in crafting a compelling product that people will fall in love with and eagerly share with their network. Mediocrity is the death of creativity, and for a product to be compelling, each member of the creation process must put in their heart and soul.

Apple’s widespread success can be attributed to its approach of developing a few products at a time that the designers can work on to perfection. The same method was used when the first iPhone was presented in 2007, which even Steve Jobs called a “magical experience.” The key is to produce a compelling product that excites the customers with a wow experience, creating a devoted customer base that anticipates future products. To generate lasting excitement, creativity is vital. With wow experiences, people share their enthusiasm with others, helping the product reach a more extensive audience. Thus, to achieve success, businesses must strive to create something that people will eagerly anticipate and excitedly share with friends.

Building a Platform

In our modern world, having a strong platform is crucial for marketing any product, be it a T-shirt, a book, or an idea. But what exactly is a platform? Traditionally, it’s a physical object on which one stands to be more visible and heard. A social media platform serves a similar purpose by using as many social media sites as possible, reaching maximum people and being more visible like a physical platform. Building a platform helps engender fans and followers, making one stand out in the sea of online information where thousands of quality products are available for consumers. The author, Hyatt, is a great example of how building a platform helps by having over 400,000 monthly blog visitors, over 100,000 Twitter followers, and likes and fans on Facebook. With easy access to a vast amount of information, it’s easy for things to go unnoticed. Thus, building a strong platform is essential for marketing to create a position from where one can be heard and noticed.

Building a Strong Online Presence

Building a strong online platform can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Hiring professionals such as web designers and continuously updating and personalizing your blog is key to attracting and retaining followers. Although it takes time, commitment, and patience, it is possible to build a successful platform. Even when facing setbacks, stay devoted and keep promoting your platform on other social media channels. This long process requires preparation and persevering through struggles to make a lasting impression.

Creating a Unique Website Design

Don’t worry about not having web design experience, as most hosting websites offer customizable tools for creating a unique website. It’s important to deviate from the template to make your site stand out. Use toolboxes provided by hosts like Disqus and Get Noticed! by Hyatt to manage comments and create different layouts. Your site must be easy to read and navigate, so test its usability by interacting with it yourself. Look at established blogs such as Michael Hyatt’s for inspiration. Spend enough time crafting a website that stands out and provides a unique and comfortable experience to your fans.

Consistency is Key

Creating a consistent design across different platforms is crucial for making customers feel at home and engaging with your content. Hyatt’s success in implementing a similar design on different sites after putting effort into his blog shows that replication of design elements can lead to recognition and ease of use. By developing a homepage with a great design, you can expand to other sites using the same structure, which not only creates familiarity but also saves time and effort. This helps to establish a recognizable brand identity and makes it easy for customers to interact with your content, rather than being caught up in navigating different designs. Creating a consistent design is practical, creates reliability in your brand, and makes it easier for the audience to engage with your content.

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