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Summary of: Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding
By: Cynthia Johnson


In the age of social media, personal branding has become essential for success. ‘Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding’ by Cynthia Johnson highlights the importance of building and managing personal brands in the digital era. The book summary explores the evolution of branding, the role of self-awareness and self-preservation in personal branding, and the significance of social proof and networking for influencing others. The readers can expect to learn practical strategies for controlling their online reputation by being authentic, communicating effectively, and maximizing networking opportunities.

The Power of Personal Branding

Cynthia Johnson, a digital branding expert, explains how branding has evolved from simply advertising brand benefits to creating a brand culture, driven by social media. In her book, she emphasizes that everyone can build a personal brand and offers advice on taking control of one’s reputation, shedding preconceived notions, and being authentic. Johnson recognizes that branding drives influence and urges readers to view themselves as a brand. With her insightful and practical advice, readers can learn how to harness the power of personal branding to achieve success.

Building Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand relies on how others perceive you through communication. Good communication skills make you relatable and likable. Your resume is a summary of you, and people use it to judge you. The online content that you post can hinder or enhance your brand. Take control of your brand by being mindful of your online behavior, removing damaging content, and staying away from websites with negative content about you.

Uncover your Digital Footprint

Take control of your online presence by searching for yourself incognito, identifying and deleting unwanted content, and turning off ad personalization settings on platforms like Facebook and Amazon. This process also allows you to see how Google and Facebook categorize you, giving you greater control over your digital identity.

The Power of Social Proof

Social proof is the key to building credibility, as it reflects the best and worst of your personal brand. The summary highlights the significance of social proof in enhancing one’s credentials and reputation. Despite individual credentials and education, most employers rely on references; however, social proof through followers on social media, published work, and professional references can tip the scale in one’s favor. The author strongly urges readers to leverage every opportunity to improve their social proof, even if they don’t feel quite ready.

The Power of Personal Branding

Word of mouth and social media accelerate the spread of rumors. Negative rumors spread faster than positive ones. People care more about who you know and what they think of you than what you know. Take your expertise seriously, and incorporate it into your personal brand to build authority and credibility. Your personal brand is influenced by how you make others feel. Elon Musk is an excellent example of how socially aware tech genius burnished his brand. A single tweet about a press conference added 2% to Tesla’s stock value. Be mindful of the opinions your content may form about you.

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