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Summary of: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
By: Seth Godin


In a world bombarded with advertisements, standing out becomes increasingly challenging for businesses. ‘Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable’ by Seth Godin sheds light on the changing dynamics of marketing and highlights the necessity of being remarkable to capture consumers’ attention. The book summary provided delves into the different eras of advertising that have shaped the marketing landscape and explores the idea of turning a product into a ‘Purple Cow,’ a uniquely captivating product capable of drawing attention and sparking conversation. It also emphasizes the significance of overcoming fear and embracing change to achieve success in the contemporary market.

The Changing Landscape of Marketing

With the advent of countless products being advertised in countless ways, the consumer is overwhelmed with advertisements, making it almost impossible to capture their attention. Consumers are too busy to notice all the advertising around them, and traditional advertising in mass media is becoming less effective. Therefore, it is increasingly challenging to reach target customers and market products. This summary sheds light on the change underway in the dynamics of marketing and the challenges businesses face in advertising their products to the right audience.

Evolution of Advertising

Advertising has evolved over time into three distinct periods: Before, During and After. Before Advertising was characterized by word-of-mouth promotion. During Advertising was the era where more advertising led to increased sales, and After Advertising reverted to word-of-mouth with the help of social media. To stand out in this new era, businesses need to market their products as remarkable. They need to create Purple Cows – products that are different and eye-catching, making it impossible to ignore them. One great example of a Purple Cow is the new Volkswagen Beetle, which was launched successfully because of its distinctive shape, attractive colors, and great reviews. Remember that in today’s market, it’s not just enough to satisfy customer needs – you need to make your product truly amazing to get their attention.

Dare to be Remarkable

The importance of taking risks and creating something exceptional to stand out in a crowded marketplace is emphasized in this book. Companies that merely imitate the actions of the leaders in their industry are bound to fail in the long run. The need for exploring ideas and overcoming the fear of trying something new is highlighted through real-life examples of individuals like Andrew Weil, who combined conventional and alternative medicine to help hundreds of thousands of people. The consequences of not standing out in a crowded market are illustrated through the example of the Buick car manufacturer, which failed to sell well due to its boring design. The book makes a compelling case for being innovative and avoiding merely mimicking others to become successful in the modern market.

Targeting Early Adopters

To successfully market a new product, it is crucial to target the right customer base. Traditional marketing wisdom suggests targeting the early and late majorities first, but this is a mistake since these people are reluctant to adopt new products before they are widely used. Instead, the key is to target the early adopters who are likely to discover new products and create buzz around them. To attract early adopters, design the product to meet their needs and preferences. Ask questions like “How effortlessly can people recommend your product to others?” and “Does your target group talk about products they like?” Target your marketing efforts towards the technology enthusiasts and professional photographers who make up the early-adopter segment to gain their appreciation and encourage them to spread the word, ultimately winning customers from other segments.

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