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Summary of: Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions
By: Jon Taffer


For businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, creating a fantastic customer experience is everything. In ‘Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions,’ Jon Taffer teaches you how to do just that. This book summary explains the importance of generating positive emotional reactions from your customers and employees and introduces the four pillars of reaction management. Get ready to dive into practical strategies for upholding excellence in every aspect of your operation, assembling a top-notch team, and creating an unforgettable experience through effortless four-walls marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the key principles that will help you not only attract but also retain and engage your customers, ultimately boosting your business success.

The Power of Positive Customer Experience

Pulsations, a once-popular club in Pennsylvania, did not always meet the five essential requirements recommended by business schools, but it was still a hit due to the positive emotional reactions it sparked in its patrons. The reactions of customers and employees are crucial to the success of any business, and every detail can either add to or detract from their experience. To foster customer loyalty, boost revenue, and create a competitive advantage, businesses must focus on creating positive reactions through proper reaction management. This involves ensuring that every process, choice, and message generates a positive customer reaction and treating customer reactions as the only product. With such an approach, businesses can flourish in any industry.

Building Business Standards

Successful businesses are built on standards that are specific, quantifiable and verifiable. Whether it’s service, appearance, cleanliness or mutual respect, your business should have strict standards that are enforced through procedures and processes. As a business owner or manager, you need to be aware that customers judge businesses based on emotions triggered by their interactions. Standards are essential in creating positive customer reactions. Owners and managers must set an example by fighting for standards every day and enforcing them to ensure employees provide better service.

The Importance of Positive Interactions in Customer Service

The key to creating customer loyalty lies in positive human interactions, as highlighted in the book. While the use of technology and reduction of labor costs can negatively impact customer service, the willingness to go the extra mile can improve it. McDonald’s and Starbucks are perfect examples of how consistency and quality service can create lasting customer relationships. The book emphasizes that every business owner has a responsibility to achieve the right reactions from both customers and employees to generate success.

Building a Professional Team

The success of any business largely depends on the quality of its team. Kervin Cinton, a California bar owner, learned this the hard way when lack of controls and standards caused his bar to spiral downward. In his book, he emphasizes the importance of treating employees as members of a professional team to promote standards of excellence. He recommends a four-step hiring process that begins with identifying the adjectives that best describe your ideal candidate. Crafting engaging ads that reflect these qualities and inviting applicants to apply in person is the next step. During interviews, concentrate on the “three C’s,” which are conversation, conviction, and curiosity, to identify winning personalities. Finally, select candidates that meet at least six of the eight adjectives you identified earlier. By following these steps, your business can assemble the best possible team and avoid common pitfalls such as staff stealing and health hazards. Remember, employees are professionals doing a job, not crazy relatives at a holiday dinner party.

Four-Walls Marketing

Learn how to create a unique and unforgettable customer experience for your bar or restaurant by using four-walls marketing. By strategically utilizing your venue’s appearance, decor, music, lighting, food, and drink, you can reinforce its purpose. To increase customer satisfaction, encourage your employees to express their unique personalities and build relationships with your customers. Develop a demographic profile of your target customer and research your local area to gather useful statistics, such as buying habits of specific populations. The iconic restaurant chain TGI Friday’s, founded by Alan Stillman, exemplifies the success of four-walls marketing, with more than 1,000 franchises in 61 countries. Remember, the message your bar or restaurant sends from the street largely determines who walks through the door. Price resistance translates to customer dissatisfaction, so ensure that the experience you provide is worth its price. Entice customers to become regulars who recommend your place by creating a unique environment that resonates with your target clients and establishes a fun, high-energy experience.

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