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Summary of: Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In
By: Mark Goulston


Discover the true power of influence in Mark Goulston’s ‘Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In’ and learn how to foster lasting relationships, create win-win outcomes, and avoid the pitfalls of selfish thinking. This summary will provide valuable insights on how to combat human instincts that hinder genuine influence, adopt new habits that command admiration and respect, and develop a deeper understanding of people’s perspectives. Focus on key concepts such as the importance of results, reputation, and relationships, evading common traps of disconnect, and embracing empathy to gain influence.

Building Lasting Influence

Real influence requires hard work, perseverance and awareness, but there are no shortcuts. To become persuasive, it is important to avoid the pitfalls of human nature, such as seeing things only from a selfish point of view and becoming defensive. Instead, interact through the lens of the other person’s perspective. Building lasting influence means creating strong bonds that show others they are integral to your success, as well as their own. With diligent practice and incremental improvement, anyone can become influential regardless of wealth, status or education.

Connecting With People: A Guide To Effective Influence

Influence is not about forcing people to do what you want; that only leads to resentment and poor outcomes for both parties. Instead, connect with them on a personal level by understanding their motivations and concerns. This approach applies whether you’re motivating employees, selling a product, or campaigning for votes. To avoid the four common traps that can disconnect you from others, use the acronym PUSH: don’t push too hard with too much selling and too little listening; don’t be unwilling to consider anything but your own ideas and agenda; don’t seek quick, one-sided wins at the expense of long-term relationships and reputation-building; and don’t approach interactions with ego-driven combativeness. Learn to listen and understand others, and then communicate from their perspective. This will enable you to connect their needs with your goals. By following this approach, you’ll be able to build meaningful relationships that result in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Enhancing Influence and Empathy

Enhance your influence and empathy by following four simple steps that help you consider other people’s worldviews and identify the root of disagreements.

The Three R’s of Success

When striving for success, it is crucial to consider the “Three R’s”: Results, Reputation, and Relationships. The best results are achieved by understanding the motivations of all parties involved, aiming for the extraordinary, and inspiring others. Reputation is valuable currency, so always conduct yourself in a way that builds and protects it. Treat everyone well, prioritize relationships over transactions, and don’t expect anything in return when doing good deeds for others. Remember, achieving results by self-serving means will ultimately damage your reputation and relationships, making it impossible to achieve lasting success.

Embrace the power of influence

The book highlights the importance of being open to learning from others’ perspectives without assuming you are always right. The author advocates for active listening, avoiding interruptions and distractions while paying attention to gestures, movements, expressions, and tones to get the full picture of what someone is trying to communicate. By being influenceable instead of insisting on being right, one can avoid making fatal mistakes and gain influence in return. It is important to focus on understanding others without any other agenda and asking questions to ensure full comprehension.

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