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Summary of: Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable (Tim Grover Winning Series)
By: Tim S. Grover


Discover the very essence of champions in Tim S. Grover’s ‘Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable.’ Step into the mind of a true competitor, as Grover reveals the traits and attitudes that differentiate everyday achievers from true legends like Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and Michael Jordan. Delve into the attitudes and approaches of ‘cleaners,’ who dominate their fields with an absolute, unwavering commitment to winning. Unlock the power of relentlessness, and learn how this mindset can lift you above others in any sector – sports, business, or life. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and explore your own inner champion, armed with the insights and tools from this compelling summary.

The Relentless Mindset

The book discusses the concept of relentlessness, which is not just about mental toughness, but about achieving the impossible. Relentlessness is a mindset that drives one to never quit and so want to win that no sacrifice is too great. The greatest champions are called “cleaners,” who follow the basic game plan: Decide, Commit, Act, Succeed, Repeat. Becoming a cleaner means giving 110%, taking chances, moving past your personal best, and doing whatever it takes to win.

The Power of Mental Toughness

A superstar athlete visits Grover’s Attack Athletics gymnasium seeking the tough talk he needs during a grueling NBA playoff season. Grover helps the player overcome his tendency to overthink and restores his confidence. With his mindset restored, the player returns to the playoffs and leads his team to victory. The story highlights the importance of mental toughness in achieving success.

The Traits of Coolers, Closers and Cleaners

The book expounds on three personality types in the realm of business – coolers, closers and cleaners. Coolers are indecisive and depend on others for leadership, while closers thrive under pressure but struggle with uncertainties. Cleaners, on the other hand, take responsibility and ownership in whatever they do, often achieving excellence. Some examples of cleaners include popular NBA players like Jordan, Bird, and Barkley, as well as successful individuals like Steve Jobs and Navy SEALs. Author emphasizes that “Excellence isn’t just about hitting the gym and working up a sweat; that’s the smallest part of what you have to do.”

The Relentlessness of Cleaners and All-Stars

Cleaners and All-Stars share a common trait of instinctual drive and a determination to push beyond limitations. Their relentless approach to challenges enables them to surpass expectations and achieve greatness. Kobe Bryant played through a concussion and broken nose to push his boundaries while Charles Barkley went against medical advice and dunked 10 times in a row after knee surgery, demonstrating true relentlessness. Cleaners and All-Stars understand that easy and comfortable workouts are insults, and instead, embrace the challenge.

The Art of Being a Cleaner

In the book, the author compares cleaners to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who operate on impulse and instinct. Cleaners accept no boundaries and are afraid of nothing. To be a cleaner, one must embrace their dark side or killer instincts to succeed. Cleaners need all their power to win, and they do what it takes to compete, regardless of what others may think. Being relentless means creating new goals and fighting until you’re unstoppable. A cleaner isn’t done until they say they’re done.

The Relentless Cleaners

Cleaners possess a unique instinct that propels them to strike at the right time. They possess a concentration that isn’t affected by pressure, and they never lose sight of their goal. Combining preparation and opportunity, they relentlessly pursue their objectives without distractions.

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